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2012 Build Safe │ Live Safe Conference

We kicked off the 8th annual Construction Safety Week with the Department's Build Safe / Live Safe conference at the Marriott Marquis in Times Square! On Monday, Commissioner Robert LiMandri and Deputy Mayor for Operations Cas Holloway opened the event. During the safety summit, a dozen Department experts focused on a host of topics, including 3D Site Safety Plans, which we are now accepting as part of a new program to improve safety. Construction Safety Week also included an expanded Homeowner's and Tenant's Night in each borough office, and we continued our Experience Is Not Enough safety campaign by distributing bracelets and posters — reminding workers they must always use fall protection, no matter how long they've been in construction.

More on Construction Safety Week

Learn About 3D Site Safety Plans

No-Penalty Retaining Wall Inspections

The Department's annual No-Penalty Retaining Wall Inspection Program begins May 7, and it runs through June 30. Our inspectors will be performing free, no-penalty retaining wall inspections, and no violations will be issued during the program. Private property owners with retaining walls are eligible.

Call 311 to request a retaining wall inspection as part of this program.


Service Updates

Special Inspection
Agency Registration

Amendment to Rule 101-06
Registration Requirements
Deadlines + Filings

Work Without a Permit + SWO Vios
Requesting Overrides, Reductions + Penalty Waivers

Cranes + Derricks
New CD23 + CD25 Forms
Renewals - UPDATED

New ADA Standards
DOB Permits

Benchmarking Reports
Vios for Noncompliance

Security Gates
New Visibility Standards

Place of Assembly Certificate of Operation Renewals
Requesting Duplicates

New Buildings Bulletins

2012-005 outlines criteria for gas-fired, direct-vent, space-heating appliances to heat rooms for sleeping.

2012-004 addresses prefabricated parallel chord wood trusses.

2012-003 clarifies "predominantly built-up area" bulk regulations for existing residential buildings.

2012-002 sets standards for fuel-gas compressors, duct burners and heat recovery steam generators in cogeneration and combined heat and power (CHP) projects.

New HMO Rules

1 RCNY 104-06
1 RCNY 104-09

The requirements for Hoist Machine Operators have been amended.

Did You Know...?

In 2011, our in-house customer service specialists received 61,961 calls — and answered 90% of them within 30 seconds.

Michael R. Bloomberg, Mayor

Robert D. LiMandri, Commissioner

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