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Women veterans have unique needs, including barriers to quality healthcare, military sexual trauma, child care, financial instability, and more. The NYC Department of Veterans' Services (DVS) works to meet the unique challenges facing women veterans by connecting them to the appropriate service. DVS also works to empower women veterans seeking to start their businesses or upgrade their discharge status.

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Certify Your Business

Grow your veteran-owned business by becoming NYC certified! 75% of certified businesses have won contracts with City agencies. Contact to learn if your business is eligible to be certified as a Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprise (M/WBE).
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Discharge Upgrade Assistance

If you believe your discharge status is connected to sexual assault or harassment you experienced during your military service, DVS can refer you to discharge upgrade assistance services.
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Women Veterans Health Care

  • The Women's Health Transition Training Program informs women veterans of the services offered by the VA to treat depression, musculoskeletal conditions, chronic pain, obesity, infertility, prenatal care, and MST. The program is offered virtually twice a day through mid-December.
  • The VA offers free care for MST to veterans even if they are not eligible for other VA care. No documentation of the MST experience is required.  Two trained MST Coordinators are staffed at each Veteran Benefits Administration regional office to assist veterans with their disability compensation claims related to MST. The MST Coordinators in the New York regional office are:
  • Abortion Services: The VA will provide access to abortion counseling and — in certain cases — abortions to pregnant Veterans and VA beneficiaries. Specifically, VA will provide access to abortions when the life or health of the pregnant Veteran would be endangered if the pregnancy were carried to term, or when the pregnancy is the result of rape or incest. VA beneficiaries enrolled in CHAMPVA will also have access to this care. The VA will also continue to provide access to a full range of reproductive health services, including fertility services, contraceptives including emergency contraceptives, life-saving treatment related to pregnancy, and much more. For information about all reproductive health services at VA, visit

If you have questions you can call, text, or chat online with the Women Veterans Call Center (WVCC) at 855-829-6636 to get help and find available resources and services in your area.

The Health of Women Veterans Podcast Series

The SITREP NYC podcast series, "The Health of Women Veterans", spotlights women veterans who are working to overcome service-related trauma. Listen as women veterans tell stories of illness, combat injury, PTSD, and perseverance:

  • Episode 1: Motherhood in the Military
    Women veterans discuss parenthood in the military and share stories of family separation and loss. This episode features stories from Cyrene Renee, United States Air Force veteran and author of Call Me Queen, and Martine Nivose, United States Navy Reserve veteran.
  • Episode 2: Show No Weakness
    What cultural factors prevent women in the military from reporting illness and injury? This episode features stories from Cyrene Renee, United States Air Force veteran, and Valentina Patino, United States Army ROTC veteran.
  • Episode 3: Life After a Combat Injury
    Women veterans discuss their combat injuries and how they worked to create a new life after service. This episode features stories from Aliyah Hunter, United States Air Army veteran, and Elana Duffy, United States Army veteran.
  • Episode 4: PTSD, MST, and the Obstacles to Healing
    This episode explores the military experiences that impact the mental health of women veterans and the challenges they face when attempting to address these issues. This episode features stories from Aliyah Hunter, United States Air Army veteran, and Cyrene Renee, United States Air Force veteran and author of Call Me Queen. The veterans featured discuss post-traumatic stress disorder and military sexual trauma. Please be advised.

Support for Survivors of Domestic Violence

According to the VA, women veterans are more likely to experience Intimate Partner Violence than civilian women. Compounding this issue is the recently reported rise of domestic abuse cases worldwide due to COVID-19 stay-at-home orders. If you are experiencing domestic abuse, please call NYC's 24-hour support hotline at 800-621-4673. Call 911 for emergencies. For additional services visit NYC Hope. New York State also operates a domestic violence hotline that you can contact at 800-942-6906.