Message from the Commissioner

Message from the Commissioner

Message from the Commissioner

Dear NYC Veteran Community,

New York City is home to roughly 210,000 current and former US Military Service Members; these servants are the backbone of our great city.  The NYC Department of Veterans' Services (DVS), the first standalone city agency in the nation dedicated to assisting Veterans and their families, is committed towards ensuring that all New York City Veterans and their loved ones have access to quality care that is compassionate and aligned with our community's needs.

The mission of DVS is "to connect, mobilize, and empower New York City's Veteran community in order to foster purpose-driven lives for US Military Service Members—past and present—in addition to their caregivers, survivors, and families."  In partnership with several community-based organizations along with numerous city, state, and federal entities, DVS enables America's brave and their families to receive, wherever eligible: Veterans Administration (VA) claims-related benefits, housing support, VA healthcare, employment assistance, educational access, mental health offerings, and other services.  We strive to uplift the local Veteran ecosystem by amplifying efforts to make New York City a Veteran-friendly place to live, learn, and work.

Our office has built this website to provide you with information about the benefits and services that you have rightfully earned as you navigate the ongoing transition to civilian life.  Recognizing that you are a member of our tribe, we encourage you to educate yourself about the many pathways to care and support that are available to you through your Veteran identity or your identity as an ally.

Whatever challenges you face, DVS will toil on your behalf in all the ways that we can.  We will leverage all resources and partners that are available as we endeavor to help you help yourself.  As a nation and a city, we owe you this and infinitely more.

As we look toward the future, know that the City of New York will always be there to ensure that you and your family thrive in this incredible place that we call home.

Do not hesitate to contact us if ever you need anything.

Thank you!

Yours in Service,

James W. Hendon
Lieutenant Colonel, US Army Reserve

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