Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the purpose of the Taskforce?

  • The Taskforce was convened in late April 2020 to understand and address the disparate impacts of COVID-19 in the hardest-hit communities. With feedback from community partners, the Taskforce has worked to meet urgent needs - actions like providing assistance to restaurants through the Restaurant Revitalization program.
  • The Taskforce also recommends long-term strategies that are utilized by City agencies in the recovery.

What is the structure?

  • The Taskforce launched in early May 2020. Members include officials from over 60 City agencies, majority people of color who grew up in and/or worked in the hardest-hit communities.
  • Taskforce members were divided into subcommittees and met remotely twice a week to develop recommendations around one specific issue affecting the hardest-hit neighborhoods.
  • The Taskforce continues to meet to ensure successful implementation of initiatives and ongoing response as new needs emerge.

How did you identify communities that have been hardest-hit during this crisis?

  • Data provided by the NYC Department of Health & Mental Hygiene (DOHMH) helped to inform the focus on the hardest-hit communities.
  • The hardest-hit communities include those most impacted by COVID-19, in addition to communities that have a high percentage of other health and socioeconomic disparities. At the time the Taskforce was established, these communities accounted for over 50% of all the City's COVID-19 cases.

How will external voices and recommendations be incorporated?

  • The TRIE solicited input from community members who represent some of the hardest-hit communities to gather information on some of the most pressing issues facing their community.
  • That feedback helped to identify the issues subcommittees addressed over the past several months. The Taskforce will continue to engage impacted communities as new initiatives move forward.

Will the Taskforce publish its recommendations?

  • Yes. The Taskforce will publish a report documenting it's work over the last several months.