Street Activity/Block Party Permits

The Mayor's Street Activity Permit Office (SAPO) issues permits for street fairs, festivals, block parties, green markets, commercial/promotional and other events on the City's streets and sidewalks. Visit the SAPO website for details on how to apply online.

Use your own email address (along with a Password that is at least 8-characters, in order to Log On) because the Mayor's Office will email the approved Block Party Permit to you, instead of mailing it to your home address, the week before your block party.

Be sure to have your credit card or debit card handy in order to pay the filing fee for applying on-line. Plese don't check off 'Yes' on any of the boxes pertaining to "Open Flames; Flammable Gas; or providing Food and Beverages, etc." — that only applies to COMMERCIAL STREET VENDORS WHO ARE SELLING FOOD AND/OR OTHER ITEMS TO CUSTOMERS.

If you are unable to apply on-line, paper applications will only be accepted and can be obtained at the SAPO office located at 100 Gold Street, 2nd floor, New York, NY 10038. It is recommended that applicants apply on-line as it will allow for real time status updates, the ability to pay the processing fee by credit card, and quicker issuance of permits.

The Mayor's Office doesn't require that you send them a copy of your block party petition, but Community Board 5, Queens requires you to submit the original Block Party Petition in person to our Board 5-Queens office at 61-23 Myrtle Avenue in Glendale, once it's been signed by at least 51% of the households on your block.

PLEASE NOTE: The original block party petition must be handed in to our office AT LEAST 6 WEEKS BEFORE your block party so the District Manager will have ample time to review, and approve the application on-line. The Block Party Petition form that you can print out and use to collect signatures from your neighbors is available here.

Please call the Community Affairs Unit of the 104th Precinct at 718-386-2431, to set up a time to pay for/pick up a Sound Permit and No Parking signs for your block party. There is a fee for the Sound Permit, which should be made payable to "NYPD" by Money Order or Bank Check. The 104th Precinct Stationhouse is located at 64-02 Catalpa Avenue, corner of 64 Street, opposite the Ridgewood YMCA. The Mayor's Office will email you a copy of the Block Party Permit, once all of your paperwork has been finalized.

To obtain a hard copy of the SAPO application, please visit the SAPO office located at 100 Gold Street, 2nd Floor, New York, NY 10038 for a copy of the application.