The Commission

Quadrennial Advisory Commission

**The work of this Quadrennial Commission has concluded. This site is for historical purposes only.**

The Task of the Quadrennial Advisory Commission, pursuant to Administrative Code § 3-601, is to study, evaluate and, if warranted, recommend specific changes to the "compensation levels" of City elected officials. [1] The Commission's Report as to whether any recommendations for changes in compensation are, or are not, warranted is required first to be submitted to the Mayor. The Mayor then must submit the Commission's Report to the City Council with recommendations for its approval, disapproval or modifications. The Council is then to consider the recommendations of the Commission and the Mayor and, in its discretion, approve a local law with respect to compensation.

Commissions are meant to be convened every four years (hence the title "Quadrennial Advisory Commission"). However, the last Commission issued its report in October 2006. Therefore, compensation for City elected officials has not changed since 2006.

This memorandum is to provide to the public our initial thoughts on our goals and guiding principles, the basic structure and timing of our proceedings, issues that should be explored in our research, and our staffing.

We welcome any comments and/or suggestions about the thoughts in this memorandum.

Download the full Plans and Processes Memorandum(PDF)

[1] These are the Mayor, the Public Advocate, the Comptroller, the five Borough Presidents, and the fifty-one Council Members, as well as the five District Attorneys.