SCOUT: Street Condition Observations

Sidewalk Ratings

The Street Conditions Observation Unit (SCOUT) works to improve quality of life in city neighborhoods and make city government more responsive to conditions that can negatively affect NYC residents. SCOUT inspectors drive every city street at least once per quarter in search of problems like missing traffic signs, graffiti on buildings, and other visually-identifiable street conditions List of Street Conditions. SCOUT inspectors check conditions and report their findings while they are on the scene. Inspectors send information directly to 311, which notifies the appropriate agency.

SCOUT also partners with City agencies in tailored field inspections Citywide.


The 6 SCOUT inspectors are drawn from six City agencies: Environmental Protection, Transportation, Sanitation, Buildings, Parks and Recreation, and Citywide Administrative Services. Inspectors survey approximtely 6,000 miles of city streets. Equipped with handheld devices, inspectors submit reports directly to 311, which handles SCOUT reports like calls from the public.

Quality Assurance

SCOUT inspectors conduct follow-up inspections to see that the necessary work has been done by the agencies assigned a condition. Follow up information is provided to city agencies to make sure they take appropriate action.

List of Street Conditions Reported