SCOUT: Street Condition Observations

List of Street Conditions Reported

Currently, SCOUT reports on the following conditions:

Graffiti Cleanup Request (CAU): Graffiti found on an accessible area of a private or commercial building.

Sanitation Condition - StreetCond/Dump-Out/Drop-Off (Illegal Dumping) (DSNY): Large bulk refuse that has been discarded anywhere except for an authorized designated area. Common dumping items include appliances, furniture, and tires.

Vacant Lot - Request to Clean Vacant Lot (Unclean) (DSNY): Vacant lot (a piece of ground that is not being used for anything identifiable) found unclean.

Sanitation Condition - StreetCond/Dump-Out/Drop-Off (Dirty Gutter) (DSNY): Catch basin with litter, leaves, or debris above the hardware.

Water Maintenance - Running Hydrant (DEP): Fire hydrant leaking or running at full force.

Bus Stop Shelter Complaint - Damaged Other (DOT): Bus stop shelter damaged, e.g. with broken glass, bench, or graffiti.

Derelict Vehicle on Public Property Without Plates (DSNY): Vehicle found on the street or sidewalk without license plates.

Billboard, Building Sign or Awning Complaint (DOB): Sidewalk shed with posted advertisement by a party other than the one doing business at the site.

Building Construction Complaint Unsafe Site (DOB): Work performed that requires a sidewalk shed or a flagman present, and neither is present.

Maintenance or Facility - Garbage or Litter (DPR): New York City Parks Department property with litter or garbage.

Maintenance or Facility - Outdoor Structure Damaged (DPR): New York City Parks Department property with damaged structural features e.g. damaged playground or bench visible from the street.

Sidewalk Condition - Sidewalk Concrete Pedestrian (DOT): Sidewalk with a hole large enough and deep enough to cause immediate harm to a pedestrian.

Sewer Maintenance - Street Cave-In (DEP): A collapse of the roadway surface in which the pavement has cracked apart and fallen into a deep empty space without a solid bottom.

Sewer Maintenance - Catch Basin Sunken (DEP): Sunken, raised, damaged or defective storm drain.

Street Condition - Pothole (DOT): An irregularly shaped, usually circular or ovular, hole in the street with a definable bottom.

Street Condition - Failed Street Repair (DOT): Utility cut no longer level with the surrounding street surface. Utility cuts are usually square or rectangular in shape.

Street Condition - Defective Hardware (DOT): Street hardware such as, but not limited to, electric vaults, that are cracked, missing, above grade or below grade and generally could be a trip hazard or other danger.

Street Sign - Missing (DOT): A street or intersection is missing a Stop, Yield, One Way, or Do Not Enter sign.

Traffic or Pedestrian Signal Defect (DOT): Traffic signal found without light, with defective light or with no visual display.

The following items are reported when they are found to be fallen down on the ground:

  • Water Maintenance - Missing/Leaning Hydrant (DEP)
  • Traffic or Pedestrian Signal - Pole Down (DOT)
  • Streetlight Pole Down (DOT)
  • Sidewalk Condition - Newspaper Box Complaint (DOT)

*Please note: While SCOUT inspectors are trained to be familiar with the conditions in their purview, there are instances where a reported condition is sent to an agency, who upon inspection determines it could be better resolved as defined in a different category. For example, a "pothole" reported by SCOUT, may be more appropriately addressed by DOT as an issue of "wear and tear" and changed to that condition type by the agency. As a result, conditions not found on the list above will occasionally appear on the SCOUT map.