Budget Publication Descriptions

Budget Publications Descriptions

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Asset Info Mgmt Sys
Asset Information Management System (AIMS) Report
Reports on the City's State of Good Repair need and the agencies' planned spending to address this need. The program consolidates results of cyclical field surveys and estimates the Capital and Expense needs to keep major City owned facilities and infrastructure in a State of Good Repair.

Budget Function
Budget Function Analysis
Details the expense budget of certain agencies by major functional areas. Within each functional area, expenditures by personal services and other than personal services are presented, as well as the funding supporting the function.

Budget Summary
Budget Summary
Highlights the Mayor's proposed budget initiatives; including estimates of expenditures and revenues; proposed expenditure reductions, recommended federal and State actions; the Capital Plan and financial program for the next four fiscal years.

Capital Budget
Capital Budget
The Capital Budget as adopted by the City Council by program and source. The Adopted Capital Budget is presented by unit of appropriation within agency with a programmatic description of each unit of appropriation. The Adopted Capital Budget includes: a listing of statutory periods of probable usefulness (PPU's) by budget line; rescindment of amounts from prior capital budgets; and borough analysis by budget line.

Capital Comm Plan
Capital Commitment Plan
Presents information on capital appropriations and commitments with implementation schedules projected, and the ensuing three years for all active capital budget projects. These implementation schedules, derived by the respective agencies performing the project work, are the best assessment of the earliest possible start of the implementation milestone (scope, design, construction, etc.) being reported.

Capital Project Det Data
Capital Project Detail Data Reports
Reports on implementation milestone schedules for capital construction projects. It includes dates for the completion of scope, design and construction, and reasons for delays in any such dates.

Citywide Savings Prog
Citywide Savings Program
Summary, highlights and initiative view of the Mayor’s proposed savings initiatives. The savings program includes a categorization of initiatives by efficiencies, re-estimates, and service reductions.

Comm Bd Geographic
Community Boards Geographic Report for Expense Budget
Details by borough and service district the expense budgets of agencies that deliver local services. The Geographic Report includes fiscal and headcount information for the Executive Budget as well as current modified budget and headcount data.

Comm Bd Register
Community Board Register by Borough
A listing of the Executive Budget status for all community board proposals in priority order within community district, within borough.

Debt Afford Stmt
Statement of Debt Affordability
The Statement of Debt Affordability describes the City's capital financing needs and sources of funding for its four-year capital program.

Declaration of Need
Declaration of Need and Proposed Transitional Capital Plan
Describes the capital financing need of and projects to be funded by the New York City Transitional Finance Authority.

Departmental Estim
Department Estimates
Contains estimates of agency operating expenditures for the fiscal year, together with proposed sources of revenue.

Detail of All Other Agencies
Detail of All Other Agencies
Details expense changes of City agencies not discussed in a financial plan detail.

Economic Conditions
Report on Current Economic Conditions
A report which highlights current economic conditions pertinent to New York City. The report focuses on the state of the U.S. Economy, financial markets, inflation, New York City labor markets and commercial and residential real estate.

NYC Employment Data
NYC Employment Data
Monthly employment data for New York City based on payroll surveys conducted by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics in collaboration with the New York State Department of Labor. The data is seasonally adjusted by the Office of Management & Budget. For more methodological details please read: Two-Step Seasonal Adjustment of NYC Employment Data.

Expense Revenue Contract
The Expense Budget is presented by unit of appropriation within agency with programmatic description of each unit of appropriation. The Revenue Budget lists revenue categories by agency. The Contract Budget provides a categorization of contractual service.

Financial Plan
Financial Plan
A summary of the Revenue and Expense Financial Plan.

Fin Plan - FCB
Financial Plan - Submission to the Financial Control Board
Submission of the Modification to the Financial Plan for the City and Covered Organizations by the City to the Financial Control Board pursuant to Section 8.3 of the Financial Emergency Act.

Fin Plan Detail
Financial Plan Detail
A summary of the major programs, priorities and objectives of the Financial Plan, capital priorities and initiatives, the general economic condition of the City and inter-governmental fiscal relations.

Fin Plan Exp
Financial Plan Expense
Details of financial plan by Agency, personal service expense, other than personal service expense and funding.

Fin Plan Recon
Financial Plan Reconciliation
Detailed reconciliation of the current financial plan to the previous financial plan.

Financial Plan Stmts
Financial Plan Statements (FPS)
In accordance with the requirements of the New York State Municipal Assistance Corporation Act and the New York State Financial Emergency Act, the City of New York is required to submit monthly financial reports.

Fin Plan Update
Financial Plan Update
Outlines the changes to the financial plan from previous financial plans.

FT & FTE Headcount
Full-Time and Full-Time Equivalent Staffing Levels
Multi-year staffing level estimates are presented by agency and personnel type.

Mayor's Message
Message of the Mayor
Summarizes the major programs, priorities and objectives of the Executive Budget, capital priorities and initiatives, the general economic condition of the City and inter-governmental fiscal relations.

Program to Eliminate the Gap (PEG)
Every year the city must balance its budget, meaning expenses must match revenue. The difference between expenses and revenues is called a gap, which must be closed. The Program to Eliminate the Gap (PEG) is the effort to achieve budget savings, with City agencies reexamining internal processes and policies, using resources efficiently, and re-estimating expenses. This savings helps lower City-funded expenses which thereby reduces gaps. The PEG publication is a compilation of PEG initiatives implemented by City agencies.

Reso Capital Budget
Changes to the Executive Capital Budget Adopted by the City Council
Provides Resolution A changes to the Executive Capital Budget by budget line, including rescindment of amounts from prior capital budgets, as resolved by the City Council pursuant to Section 254 of the New York City Charter.

Reso Cap Sup Detail
Supporting Detail for Changes to the Executive Capital Budget
Provides additional Resolution A detailed information about the changes to the Executive Capital Budget as resolved by the City Council pursuant to Section 254 of the New York City Charter, including the names of non-City entities that received funding in the budget and the names of the City Council members who sponsored those projects.

Reso Expense/Cont
Expense and Contract Budget Resolutions
Resolution of the City Council to adopt the Expense and Contract Budget in accordance with the provisions of the Charter of the City of New York.

Rev Plan Detail
Revenue Financial Plan Detail
Details the revenue estimates for the five year financial plan. This report also includes citywide summaries and plan-to-plan revenue changes.

Supporting Schedule
Supporting Schedule
Itemizes the positions, salaries and other than personal services budgets for all City agencies. Itemizes revenue estimates by collecting agency and source.

Tax Revenue Fore
Tax Revenue Forecasting
The City Charter requires that the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) publish documentation of forecasting methodologies used for projecting tax revenues for those taxes which account for five percent or more of total City tax revenues.

Ten-Year Cap Strat
Ten-Year Capital Strategy
Released in each odd numbered year, concomitantly with the Executive Capital Budget. It establishes long-range programmatic goals, setting forth priorities for the City to maintain its existing physical plant in a state of good repair, and allows for programmatic replacement of components and program expansion.