Forbell Street Stockpile

Forbell Street Stockpile

Two Soil Piles

OER operates a clean soil stockpile in East New York, Brooklyn. The facility receives clean soil from construction sites, stores it, and makes it available to City and private projects and for community uses such as community and school gardens.

Soil at the stockpile is free. Parties dispose of soil without paying a tipping fee and acquire soil without a soil purchase fee. The soil also has a Beneficial Use Determination (BUD) from the NY Department of Environmental Conservation, which means the soil is exempt from 6 NYCRR Part 360 regulation and is suitable for beneficial use.

The stockpile is a fixed facility within the NYC Clean Soil Bank, which transfers clean soil between generating sites and projects across the city that need clean soil. With the stockpile, OER seeks to greatly increase the volume of soil recycling within the City and reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the construction industry.

The stockpile is located at 830 Forbell Street and can hold 18,000 cubic yards of soil. Parties that use the stockpile must indemnify the City and provide their own trucks.

Parties interested in using the stockpile or the Clean Soil Bank can contact OER.

Truck Dumping Soil Onto Pile
Two Trucks Near Soil Pile