Green Building FAQs

A number of questions have arisen in regard to the implementation of Local Law 86 of 2005 (LL86).  These questions along with answers are grouped by the following areas:


These questions and answers provide a general overview of LL86, its basic provisions, and the parties responsible for its implementation.

Getting Started

Learn more about getting started, the provisions of LL86, and how to determine whether they may apply to your project. These FAQ's include both a written step-by-step procedure and a single page diagram which together are intended to simplify the process of determining which LL86 requirements, if any, apply to a given project.


A number of procedures related to LL86 are covered here, including how to request an exemption, apply for green power credits, account for inflation, determine the methodology to use for energy cost calculations, deal with a multiphase project, and register a project with the USGBC.

Getting Help

Get help and ask questions you may have about LL86.