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OCHIA staff are available to provide free workshops about health insurance and health care options for NYC residents and small businesses at your community-based or faith-based organization, school, college, local association or business. With sufficient advance notice, we can offer you and your team a varied menu of information sessions:

Presentation on Available Options and the Affordable Care Act (ACA)

Get general information on how the ACA affects NYC residents. Includes a basic overview of the Affordable Care Act, Medicaid, Child Health Plus, the Essential Plan, private health insurance including premium tax credits and cost sharing reductions, the penalty for not having health insurance and health care and coverage options for undocumented immigrants.

Presentation on Health Care and Coverage Options for People 65 years and older, Living with a Disability, and Visually Impaired

Find out about the public health insurance options for these populations. The presentation contains information on Medicaid programs including Medicaid Excess Income, Medicaid Buy in for Working People with Disabilities, Medicare Savings Programs, Emergency Medicaid and getting and maintaining Medicaid coverage.

Staff Training on Public and Private Health Insurance

Obtain detailed information on public and private health insurance options. The training covers health insurance programs such as Medicaid, Child Health Plus, Family Planning Benefit Program, Qualified Health Plans and Metal Tiers, as well as Financial Assistance, and health care and coverage options for undocumented immigrants.

Presentation for Small Employers (2-50 employees)

Learn the basics of the Affordable Care Act and what it means for your company and employees. The topics covered in this presentation include the Small Business Health Care Tax Credit, the NY State of Health Marketplace, and employer shared responsibility requirements.

We are also happy to participate in health fairs and other forums that allow us to meet individuals, families and entrepreneurs to share information and guidance directly with them. Please provide at least three weeks' notice in your request for our workshops or participation in your event.

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