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Chapter I - Subchapter A

§1-02 Jurisdiction.

Jurisdiction to Make Any Appropriate Ruling

Absent precedent stating a standard applicable to requests for amicus participation in a disability discrimination case under the City Human Rights Law, reference to practice before the Commission’s former tribunal is appropriate and the standard is whether, in the discretion of the presiding judge, such participation will substantially further the “just and efficient adjudication of cases.” Comm’n on Human Rights v. 325 Cooperative, Inc., OATH Index No. 1423/98, mem. dec. (July 16, 1998).

Effect of Pending Bankruptcy Matter

Automatic stay provision of federal bankruptcy law and pendency of the contractor’s bankruptcy case did not preclude the Comptroller from proceeding against the contractor under the prevailing wage law. Office of the Comptroller v. C & F Electrical Contractors, Inc., OATH Index Nos. 401-02/93 (Jan. 11, 1993); Office of the Comptroller v. IFD Construction Corp., OATH Index No. 901/98 (Jan. 26, 1998).