August 2022 Crime Statistics

September 6, 2022

Fourth-Lowest Number of Shootings in any August since the early 1990s

For the month of August 2022, the number of overall shooting incidents was driven down in New York City compared with August 2021, marking the fourth-lowest number of shootings for any August in the modern CompStat era. Citywide shooting incidents decreased in August by 30.3% (115 v. 165), driven by steep decreases in the Bronx, southern Queens, and northern Brooklyn. Additionally, the number of murders citywide decreased for the month by 54.2% (27 v. 59) compared to the same period last year, a sign that the NYPD’s work to eradicate violence is taking hold.

More specifically, the NYPD’s array of strategies to remove illegal firearms from the streets is gaining traction as reflected in the department’s seizing more than 4,880 guns year-to-date in 2022. The department’s work is reflected in the citywide gun arrests police officers are effecting, a number that rose in August by 16% (405 v. 349) compared to the same period in 2021. That monthly productivity means that citywide gun arrests through August are at a 27-year high, rising to 3,170 – which is a 4.4% increase compared with the 3,036 gun arrests through the first eight months of last year. Additionally, NYPD officers in August 2022 made 4,011 arrests for complaints of major felony crimes, a 16.3% increase over the 3,450 arrests for major felonies in the same month last year. Arrests for major felonies are up 27.1% (31,033 v. 24,419) so far in calendar 2022, compared with the first eight months of 2021.

Overall index crime in New York City increased in August 2022 by 26% compared with August 2021 (11,357 v. 9,014). Five of the seven major index-crime categories saw increases, driven by a 38% increase in robbery (1,630 v. 1,181), a 34.7% increase in grand larceny (4,687 v. 3,480), and a 31.1% rise in burglary (1,356 v. 1,034).

“In their training, crime-fighting strategies, and relentless commitment, the brave women and men of the NYPD know well the most effective and just ways to battle crime and keep New Yorkers safe – and they will never waver in that trusted mission,” said Police Commissioner Keechant L. Sewell. “Your officers have worked in tandem and across boroughs and bureaus throughout this summer to prevent violence and criminal activity. Their success is a strong reflection of NYPD innovations built on gathering timely intelligence, rapid deployment, and the use of effective tactics to engage, investigate, and address matters large and small. Our gun seizures and gun arrests in August – and the corresponding downturn in shooting incidents – indicate a positive corner turn in our fight to stop criminals willing to carry illegal guns and brazenly use them. For the NYPD, victims of crime remain our central focus. We know there is much more work to be done to address crime in our city. We must push forward as we continue to advocate for further refinements to the state’s well-meaning criminal justice reforms that too many recidivists and violent criminals exploit.”

The NYPD, with its precision policing-based enforcement, built momentum in August 2022 in its mission to keep people safe and hold criminals accountable for their crimes. That work has driven a 12.4% reduction (928 v. 1,059) in shooting incidents year-to-date – with 147 fewer shooting victims through the first eight months of 2022 compared to the same period last year – and a 12.1% decrease (284 v. 323) in murders year-to-date through the end of August.

“Any level of violence in New York City – or anywhere – is unacceptable,” said Chief of Department Kenneth Corey. “We know that New York City is safer today than it was when we implemented our Summer Violence Reduction Plan in May. Throughout these months, the NYPD carried out more of its integral work, often in concert with our law enforcement partners, to develop long-term investigations focused on those few New Yorkers willing to pick up guns and use them.”

Shootings in the Bronx in August declined by 46.2% (28 v. 52), compared to the same period a year ago, and by 51.7% (14 v. 29) in southern Queens in the same period. In those and other areas of the city, precinct detective squads, field intelligence officers, patrol officers, and those in the department’s specialty units have all pulled together to share information, remain flexible to shifting conditions, and focus on violent street gangs, crews, and illegal narcotics enterprises. The NYPD’s Gun Violence Suppression Unit carried on with efforts to locate and seize illegal firearms – and, in many instances, to remove them before they could be sold on New York City’s streets.

A central element of the Summer Violence Reduction Plan is the localized deployment of additional officers – every day – into the precincts, transit districts, and housing developments where New Yorkers need them most. The NYPD’s summer beach detail, which ran through Labor Day, created an increased uniformed presence during the busiest, most crowded time of the year for the city’s public beaches. The Patrol Services Bureau, in alignment with the department’s Highway and Traffic Safety officers, has focused on seizing illegal ATVs and dirt bikes whose drivers pose great dangers on neighborhood streets. Neighborhood Coordination Officers worked every day to glean the complaints of residents and workers throughout the five boroughs and to get their problems solved, with the goal of keeping all New Yorkers safe.

The NYPD’s work will continue as the summer winds down – driven most fundamentally by community concerns. The support and partnership the NYPD receives from people in every neighborhood was highlighted at the Police Academy in Queens on August 10 during the Summer Youth Employment Program’s annual career forum, which was attended by the Police Commissioner. There, more than 800 young people – including many who are deaf and hearing-impaired – explored programs designed to open pathways to their future. Such NYPD programs, centered on youth development, are essential to building trust with all New Yorkers and underscore the important idea that public safety is a shared responsibility between the police and every member of the community. The NYPD will never stop fighting for New Yorkers, and will always work to keep the entire criminal justice system’s focus where it belongs: on the people it serves.

*All crime statistics are preliminary and subject to further analysis, revision, or change.*

Index Crime Statistics: August 2022

August 2022 August 2021 +/- %
Murder 27 59 -32 -54.2%
Rape 144 144 0 0.0%
Robbery 1630 1181 +449 +38.0%
Felony Assault 2303 2112 +191 +9.0%
Burglary 1356 1034 +322 +31.1%
4687 3480 +322 +34.7%
Grand Larceny Auto 1210 1004 +206 +20.5%
TOTAL 11357 9014 +2343 +26.0%

Additional Statistics For August 2022

August 2022 August 2021 +/- %
178 149 +29 +19.5%
541 479 +62 +12.9%
Citywide Shooting
115 165 -49 -30.3%

Rape Incident Reporting Statistics: August 2022

(Reports filed from August 1 – August 31 in years indicated)

Year Total
Same Year
2 Years
3 Years
4 Years
5+ Years
144 118 7 4 2 0 13
144 114 7 4 1 2 16
130 99 8 4 2 5 12
162 125 8 7 3 4 15
168 121 17 9 5 3 13
125 100 11 1 1 2 10

Rape continues to be underreported. If you are a victim of sexual assault, please come forward. The 24-hour NYPD Special Victims Division hotline is: 212-267-RAPE (7273).

Hate Crimes Statistics Summary for August 2022

(Representing August 1st – August 31st for calendar years 2022 and 2021)

Motivation 2022 2021 Diff % Change
7 5 +2 +40%
5 1 +4 +400%
0 0 0 0%
5 1 +4 +400%
2 0 +2 +200%
0 1 -1 -100%
24 11 +13 +118%
0 2 -2 -100%
5 1 +4 +400%
Sexual Orientation
5 16 +11 -69%
2 1 +1 +100%
55 39 +16 +41%

Note: Statistics above are subject to change, as active possible bias cases may be reclassified to non-bias cases and removed from counted data upon investigation.