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Job Standard Test

By the very nature of their work, police officers are asked to meet certain physical requirements. The NYPD's Job Standard Test is a physical endurance test to evaluate an applicant's ability to perform physical tasks typically associated with a routine radio call or a critical incident.

The Police Officer Candidate Job Standard Test is a timed event comprising six stations that, together, must be completed in four minutes and twenty-eight seconds (4:28) without stopping. The six stations of the Candidate Job Standard Test include:

  1. Fence Surmount: From a kneeling, weapon-ready position, the candidate sprints 50 feet to surmount a six-foot fence.
  2. Stair Climb: The candidate proceeds from the Fence Surmount to a six-stair climb system, and completes three over-and-back traverses.
  3. Physical Restraint Simulation: The candidate proceeds from the Stair Climb to a tactics-and-training device that measures an applicant's ability to resist or control force in a physical restraint situation.
  4. Pursuit Run: The candidate proceeds from the Physical Restraint Simulation to a 600-foot run around a pattern of cones.
  5. Victim Rescue: The candidate proceeds from the Pursuit Run to a simulated victim rescue involving a 35-foot drag of a 176 pound mannequin.
  6. Trigger Pull: The candidate proceeds from the Victim Rescue to a trigger-pull station, picks up an inoperative firearm, holds the firearm within a nine inch diameter metal ring and pulls the trigger 16 times with the dominant hand, and 15 times with the non-dominant hand. Once inserted, the firearm must remain within the metal ring for the completion of the trigger pull cycles. Timing is stopped upon completion of the final trigger pull.