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School Safety Agents Salary & Benefits


Serve your community in a unique and rewarding way while earning a good salary with generous medical and retirement benefits.

  • Starting Salary: $36,955
  • After 5 years of service, salary reaches: $53,264
  • Differential increase for when assigned as group leader
  • A choice of paid medical and dental plans
  • Paid vacation and sick leave
  • Paid night shift differential
  • Overtime opportunities (Overtime is never guaranteed)

Retirement Benefits

School Safety Agents may enroll in the 6SO-25 pension plan, or the Tier 6 Basic Plan. Participants in the 6SO-25 Plan become eligible to receive a Service Retirement Benefit upon attaining 25 or more years of Allowable Service without regard to age. For Service Retirement Benefit calculations under the 6SO-25 plan, or for further information regarding both pension options, go to

In addition, You may contribute to one of the following plans.

  • 457 - This plan is also known as Deferred Compensation. The percentage deducted from the member’s wages is determined by the member and may range anywhere from 1% to 25%. Loan option is available with this pension plan. Early withdrawal penalties do apply
  • 401K - Similar in structure to the "457" plan. A loan option is available with this pension plan

Veterans Benefits

Military Buy Back

Federal and state laws allow members to purchase service credit for time spent in U.S. Military service – the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA) and Article 20 of the New York State Retirement and Social Security Law (RSSL), respectively. Under Article 20, the cost is 6% times the number of years of military service being purchased times the salary you earned during the 12 months prior to the date of your application. Under USERRA, the cost is the equivalent of the contributions required if you had never left for military service. No interest is charged on military buy-back.

Reference: Tier 6 Special Peace Officer 25-Year Retirement Plan (6SO-25) #990

The Department of Veterans Affairs has qualified the New York State Department of Labor’s Apprenticeship program as eligible for educational benefits as described under the GI Bill. This benefit is relative to the School Safety Agent who was employed after September 2001 and met the following criteria that may qualify member for a monthly monetary benefit administered directly by the Department of Veteran's Affairs:

  • A veteran of the United States Armed Services and received an honorable or general discharge within the last ten years or;
  • An active member of the reserves or National Guard or;
  • A spouse or dependent of a disabled veteran.

Promotional Opportunities

There are various promotional opportunities within the New York City Police Department Division of School Safety.

Supervisory Rank

Supervisor of School Security

Promotion based on civil service examination

Supervisors of School Safety attend meetings and discussions aimed at resolving field-related issues. Supervisors of School Safety conduct investigations within their area of responsibility and report results back to ranking officers. SSS will also oversee the performance of field subordinates and make corrections to observed deficiencies, violations, and infractions.