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Subway Crime Prevention Tips

Below are some crime prevention and safety tips to help keep your subway ride safe and enjoyable

  • Non-confrontational property theft make up almost half of all major subway crime. Remain alert to avoid falling victim to an opportunistic thief. 
  • Noise cancellation features on listening devices may make you less aware of your surroundings or important service announcements. Consider adjusting volume settings so you can stay alert during your travels. 
  • If you prefer to ride in the same car as the train conductor, locate the alternating black & white striped board overhead near the middle of the platform, this is where the conductor will be positioned on the next arriving train. 
  • Consider using a wearable smartwatch to enter via the new OMNY fare payment system. This makes for a faster commute and reduces the need to produce items like smartphones, wallets, or purses at the turnstiles. 
  • When you are on the subway platform, stay well behind the yellow line, away from the platform edge. 
  • Secure valuables in front pockets or within zippered compartments inside of your bags or purses. 
  • Cell service and WiFi within the subway system has vastly improved in recent years. Alert the police or a NYC transit employee immediately if help is needed. 
  • Be mindful of your belongings at all times - particularly when using personal electronic devices. 
  • Hold on to your backpack, bags, or purses and keep it in front of you, even if using the shoulder straps.