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Subway Crime Prevention Tips

Below are some crime prevention and safety tips to help keep your subway ride safe and enjoyable

  • When you are on the subway platform, the safest place to wait is behind the yellow line, away from the platform edge.
  • Be mindful of your belongings at all times – particularly when using personal electronic devices.
  • Hold on to your pocketbook – keeping it in front of you, even if using the shoulder strap.
  • Keep your wallet out of sight and avoid keeping it in a rear pocket while standing aboard the train.
  • Do not place your wallet or purse inside of a shopping bag or other open container. Instead, secure it in a closed handbag or pocketbook, or an inside coat pocket.
  • Thefts from sleeping passengers make up one quarter of all major subway crime. Remain alert and avoid falling asleep on the subways to reduce the opportunity for criminals.