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Important Guidelines for Press Card Holders

Guidelines for NYC Press Card Holders

Access To Events

You may use your Standard Press Card, Reserve Press Card, or Single Event Press Card to:

  • Cross police or fire lines, or other restrictions, limitations or barriers established by the City at an emergency, spot, or breaking news event or a non-emergency public event.
  • Attend a City-sponsored event that is open to members of the press.

Access to a location or event may be granted by the New York City Police Department’s Office of the Deputy Commissioner, Public Information (DCPI) or the City agency or office sponsoring the event. Access to a location or event is subject to space limitations, safety concerns, and evidence preservation concerns. This means that your access may be denied or restricted, including that you will not be granted access to interior crime scenes or areas frozen for security reasons.

You must wear the Press Card fully exposed at all times when seeking access to a location or event and once that access has been granted. Your Press Card is NOT a parking permit and does not entitle you to parking privileges. DO NOT leave your Press Card on the dashboard of your vehicle.

Guidelines for Press Card Use

  1. Lawful Order. You must comply with a lawful order from a police officer or other City official while newsgathering.

  2. Official Function. You cannot interfere or attempt to interfere with the performance of an official function by a police officer or other City official while newsgathering.

  3. Misuse or Misrepresentation. You cannot use or misrepresent the Press Card while not acting in a newsgathering capacity.

  4. Transfer or Assignment. You cannot transfer or assign your Standard Press Card or Single Event Press Card to another individual. You cannot transfer or assign your Reserve Press Card to another individual unless your newsgathering organization authorizes the transfer or assignment.

  5. Unreasonable Risk. You cannot engage in conduct that would cause an unreasonable risk to property or to the safety or welfare of specific individuals or the general public while newsgathering.

  6. Law Enforcement or Emergency Personnel Needs. You cannot interfere with official law enforcement or emergency personnel needs while newsgathering.