Nightlife Programs & Initiatives

Nightlife Programs & Initiatives

People dancing in a crowd under pink and purple lights with confetti falling with text "Harm Reduction and Safer Spaces" on purple banner

Harm Reduction & Safer Spaces
The Office of Nightlife helps to promote harm reduction and safer spaces through education, training and awareness campaigns to reduce and prevent sexual harassment, overdoses and other risks, in partnership with the NYC Department of Health, community leaders and other advocates.

Advertisement for ELEVATE Nightlife Mental Health Support Group on dark blue background

FREE Weekly Mental Health Support Group - Every Monday at 4pm
As part of the Elevate Nightlife Mental Health Initiative, people who work in the nightlife industry in New York City can participate in a free and confidential weekly mental health support group moderated by a Backline Care licensed therapists, every Monday at 4:00pm EST. Support groups provide a safe place for people in the nightlife industry to come together and discuss what it means to work in nightlife today.
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MEND NYC Logo with background of mixed-use buildings on streets with text "FREE! Neighborhood Mediation and Conflict Resolution Services"

MEND NYC Mediation & Conflict Resolution Program
This new citywide initiative provides free mediation and conflict resolution services to address neighborhood disputes. This program is an opportunity to create direct communication and compromise, establishing respectful and ongoing relationships that help New Yorkers co-exist peacefully in their communities while ensuring that small businesses thrive. This program is a collaboration between the Office of Administrative Trials and Hearings' Center for Creative Conflict Resolution (CCCR) and the Office of Nightlife (ONL) at the Mayor's Office of Media and Entertainment.
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MARCH Operation Transparency Report cover and map with background of an aerial picture of New York City

MARCH Operation Transparency Reporting
The Office of Nightlife at the NYC Mayor's Office of Media and Entertainment presents the first of its semi-annual reports on the Multi-Agency Response to Community Hotspots, or MARCH program.
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Two business owners holding sign that reads "OPEN" with text "MASH Multi-Agency Support for Hospitality" on purple banner

Multi-Agency Support for Hospitality (MASH) Approach
The Office of Nightlife (ONL) and its dedicated Nightlife Interagency Working Group partners established the Multi-Agency Support for Hospitality (MASH) approach to re-framing the regulatory process to nightlife, focusing on education, prevention, and correction of common issues. MASH helps existing establishments achieve safety and compliance, reducing the need for enforcement that may result in fines or even business closures through personalized casework. ONL becomes the central point of contact for all involved parties, makes recommendations on how to move forward, and continually follows up until the issue is resolved. These cases are used to identify the systemic problems in nightlife and inform ONL's future programs and initiatives.
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Brightly lit street and buildings in the Lower East Side with text "Lower East Side Quality-of-Life Improvement Plan" on purple banner

LES Quality of Life Improvement Plan
The Lower East Side Quality of Life Improvement plan is a multi-agency plan to improve the quality of life for New Yorkers living in one of the city's densest nightlife districts. The plan is focused on a 6-block area on Orchard and Ludlow Streets between Houston and Delancey on Manhattan's Lower East Side.
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