MOME Looks Back at 2020

Women's Fund



Funding 94 women-led projects in film, theatre, music and digital media - Women’s Fund for Media, Music and Theatre



Film and TV highlights



Supporting return of TV/Film production: Almost 130 projects (Nov.) - Office of Film, Theatre and Broadcasting



boosting entertainment sector



Boosting NYC's world-class arts and entertainment sector: "Music for the Soul"; "Off-Broadway in the Boros: Pop-Ups"; "Virtual NYC Curator Collections"



Made in NY PA and Post training programs



Advancing opportunities for 1,000+ New Yorkers in film, theater and digital -- "Made in NY" training programs




Made in NY Talks



Inspiring, informing, and connecting talent in the creative space - "Made in NY" Talks




All in NYC



Encouraging support for local businesses -- "All in NYC: Neighborhood Getaways Bookstores"




Office of Nightlife town calls



Connecting 10,000 New Yorkers to resources and support through Town Calls - Office of Nightlife




Office of Nightlife reopening


Promoting safe reopening of NYC hospitality - Office of Nightlife -- "Take Out Don't Hang Out" & "It's Up to You NY, Socialize Responsibly"







Facilitating strong recovery of NYC businesses and neighborhoods - Mend NYC helps NYers and venues resolve issues -- Office of Nightlife



NYC Media highlights



Keeping New Yorkers informed - NYC Media (NYC’s TV & radio)




Community and Ethnic Media



Supporting NYC Community and Ethnic Media - Ads placed in more than a dozen outlets




NY Emmy winners


Winning 3 NY Emmy Awards from 11 nominations - NYC Media (NYC&'s TV)