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Deadline Extended

The 2021-2022 health insurance Open Enrollment Period is now extended!

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In NYC, access to health care is a right.

Enrolling in health insurance can be confusing and hard to navigate. A GetCoveredNYC Specialist from the NYC Public Engagement Unit is here to help.

Connect with free one-on-one support with a GetCoveredNYC Specialist who can walk you through the enrollment process and make sure you get the help you need:

  • Complete this form
  • Call 311 and say “GetCoveredNYC
  • Text CoveredNYC (SeguroNYC en Español) to 877877

Get Help From GetCoveredNYC

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Complete the form below to receive free enrollment assistance in your language.
To be connected to a GetCoveredNYC Specialist, you can also:

  • Call 311 and say “GetCoveredNYC
  • Text CoveredNYC to 877877 (en Español) - SeguroNYC a 877877

What is GetCoveredNYC?

GetCoveredNYC is here to help you navigate the health insurance enrollment process.

GetCoveredNYC is a citywide outreach program housed with the Mayor’s Public Engagement Unit. GetCoveredNYC works alongside partners including NYC Health + Hospitals, the NYC Department of Health, NYC Care, and community-based organizations to increase access to health insurance and connect New Yorkers to other programs and benefits that promote holistic health.

GetCoveredNYC provides free assistance, regardless of immigration status or income , and follows- up to provide support throughout the entire application and enrollment process.  The process of accessing healthcare can be confusing and hard to navigate. GetCoveredNYC is here to make it quick and easy.

Every New Yorker can get free support in accessing healthcare, no matter your immigration status.

Get Covered NYC Specialists wearing face masks and canvassing on the street. They are holding up Get Covered NYC flyers written in simplified Chinese.

Get Help From GetCoveredNYC

Benefits of Health Insurance

There is nothing more important than your health and the health of your family. Health insurance can allow you to access essential healthcare services and help protect you from unexpected, high medical costs. Many health insurance plans also cover routine preventive services, such as physical exams and vaccines, which can help you stay healthy before you even get sick. Read more about the benefits of having health insurance here.

Get Help From GetCoveredNYC


You can find GetCoveredNYC Specialists at libraries, health fairs, hospitals, and community organizations across the city, educating New Yorkers on the importance of having health insurance and encouraging New Yorkers to enroll in health insurance plans. GetCoveredNYC’s most recent Virtual Day of Action was on April 6, in partnership with the NY State of Health and NYC Department of Health. For more information on this Day of Action, click here.

Get Help With Finding Health Insurance

GetCoveredNYC In the Field

Helping New Yorkers Find Coverage

Client SP was referred to GetCoveredNYC from a community partner, Queens Defenders. SP owned a small business and was forced to close due to the COVID-19 pandemic. SP had a Qualified Health Plan that she could not afford to pay anymore and eventually received notice that her coverage was ending. She tried to update her information on the NY State of Health Marketplace in order to get a new health insurance plan but still needed one-on-one support to find a plan that fit her budget. The GetCoveredNYC Specialist connected client SP with an NYC Health Department enrollment counselor, who was able to enroll SP in Medicaid that same day so her coverage began the first of the month without a lapse in coverage. SP has written back and expressed her deep gratitude for GetCoveredNYC’s services, because if she had continued to update her insurance plan without assistance, she fears that she would have been dropped from coverage.

Get Help With Finding Health Insurance


GetCoveredNYC has ads, graphics, videos, and flyers across the City in multiple languages.

For more graphics and resources, click here 

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question about health insurance? GetCoveredNYC has an answer for you.

What coverage plans are available?

All New Yorkers have health coverage options they can enroll in, no matter your immigration status or income. Depending on your qualifying status, health insurance plans may include:

  • NY State of Health (Medicaid, Child Health Plus, Essential Plan, and Qualified Health Plans under the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare)
  • Medicare

If you are currently enrolled on a health insurance plan, we can help you find out your options (if applicable). If you do not qualify for insurance, health coverage options such as NYC Care may be available to you.

What insurance plans do I qualify for?

Every New Yorker qualifies for health coverage. Our GetCoveredNYC Specialists can help connect you to an enroller that will help you determine your eligibility and find a plan that fits your budget and health needs. Depending on your unique, individual situation, you may also qualify for low- or no-cost health insurance plans. No matter your immigration status, if you are unsure about what health insurance you qualify for, please fill out the form below , call 311 and say “GetCoveredNYC”, or text CoveredNYC (SeguroNYC en Español) to 877877 to be connected to a Specialist.

  • Are there options for me if I don’t qualify for, or can’t afford, health insurance?
    • Yes! New Yorkers are eligible for NYC Care, a health care access program that guarantees low-cost and no-cost services to New Yorkers who do not qualify for or cannot afford health insurance. All NYC Care services are provided through NYC Health + Hospitals. With NYC Care, you can get a unique membership card to access health services, choose your own doctor, and get affordable medications. Visit or call 1-646-NYC-CARE (1-646-692-2273) to learn more.
  • How do I use my health insurance plan?

You can use your health insurance for covered services when you visit a doctor, pick up a prescription at the pharmacy, or go to the hospital. To check the health benefits that are covered under your health insurance plan, please fill out the form below , call 311 and say “GetCoveredNYC”, or text CoveredNYC (SeguroNYC en Español) to 877877 to be connected to a Specialist.

How can I check if I have active health insurance coverage?

GetCoveredNYC Specialists can help you make an appointment with an Enroller. Depending on your status, the Enroller can discuss your options and help you enroll in a new or different health insurance plan.

Can I enroll in health insurance if I am not a US citizen or if I am undocumented?

All New Yorkers are eligible for and are entitled to health care enrollment services regardless of their immigration status. GetCoveredNYC Specialists speak multiple languages and can help connect you to the service providers that can help you.

  • Children under 19 years of age in New York State, regardless of immigration status, may qualify for free or low-cost health insurance through Child Health Plus.
  • Pregnant women in NYS, regardless of immigration status, with incomes up to 223% of the federal poverty level, may qualify for Medicaid and receive free prenatal, delivery and postpartum care.
  • Adults with low-income who are undocumented may be eligible for Emergency Medicaid, which pays for medical costs in an emergency.

The City of New York and New York City Health + Hospitals are committed to providing care to the community regardless of immigration status, income, or insurance coverage.

  • NYC Care is also available to New Yorkers regardless of their immigration status. It is a health care access program that guarantees low- or no-cost services. All NYC Care services are offered and provided by NYC Health + Hospitals.
  • All New Yorkers are encouraged to fill out the form below , call 311 and say “GetCoveredNYC”, or text CoveredNYC to 877877 (SeguroNYC en Español) to connect with a GetCoveredNYC Specialist who can further assist you.

What is Open Enrollment? When is this year’s Open Enrollment deadline? What happens if I miss the deadline?

The extended Open Enrollment period for coverage will end when the public health emergency ends. Even though the emergency is ongoing, New Yorkers are encouraged to enroll ASAP. You must enroll by the 15th of the month to receive health insurance on the first of the following month.

After the Open Enrollment ends, New Yorkers who miss the deadline are generally only able to enroll in a Qualified Health Plan for the same year if they experience a qualifying life event (ex: change in employment or marriage status).

Enrollment in Medicaid, the Essential Plan, or Child Health Plus is available year-round for those who meet income requirements.

If I already have health insurance, do I need to re-enroll during Open Enrollment?

Generally, New Yorkers who previously enrolled in Medicaid, Child Health Plus, the Essential Plan, or the Qualified Health Plan through the NY State of Health Marketplace must renew their health insurance each year to maintain coverage. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 public health emergency, consumers already enrolled in Medicaid, Child Health Plus, or the Essential Plan will have their coverage continued automatically through the end of the federal public health emergency and do not need to renew at this time.

New Yorkers who have opted-in to auto-renewal will be automatically re-enrolled in the health plan they’re currently in and New York State will continue to apply the amount of monthly financial help they initially selected in the current year, unless the amount they’re eligible for has decreased. Many New Yorkers are now eligible for additional help to pay for health insurance, including those who were previously ineligible because their income is too high. This additional assistance was automatically applied if you are already enrolled and receiving tax credits. Those without health insurance should apply to see what they qualify for.

I have more questions about enrolling. How can I be in touch?

Fill out the form below and a GetCoveredNYC Specialist will be in touch with you! You can also call 311 and say “GetCoveredNYC” or text CoveredNYC (SeguroNYC en Español) to 877877 to be connected to a GetCoveredNYC Specialist.

  • I want to invite GetCoveredNYC to attend my event or do a presentation. How can I be in touch?

If you’re hosting a resource fair, office hours, or would like to request a training or presentation, please email with more information about the event and the specific role GetCoveredNYC would play and we will be in touch.

Get Help With Finding Health Insurance