About GetCoveredNYC

GetCoveredNYC is here to help you navigate the health insurance enrollment process.

GetCoveredNYC is a citywide outreach program housed within the Mayor's Public Engagement Unit. GetCoveredNYC works alongside partners including NYC Health + Hospitals, the NYC Department of Health, NYC Care, and community-based organizations to increase access to health insurance and connect New Yorkers to other programs and benefits that promote holistic health.

The process of accessing healthcare can be confusing and hard to navigate. GetCoveredNYC is here to make it quick and easy. GetCoveredNYC provides free assistance, regardless of immigration status or income, and follows up to provide support throughout the entire application and enrollment process.

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You can find GetCoveredNYC Specialists at libraries, health fairs, hospitals, and community organizations across the city, educating New Yorkers on the importance of having health insurance and encouraging New Yorkers to enroll in health insurance plans.

Case Management

One of GetCoveredNYC's most meaningful assets is the one-on-one support that our Specialists provide. After a New Yorker connects to one of our Specialists for health insurance enrollment assistance, we provide ongoing support throughout the enrollment process that includes:

  1. Working with partner enrollers in NYC to schedule enrollment appointments
  2. Following up with clients with appointment reminders or to assist with rescheduling
  3. Confirming enrollment outcome
  4. Answering remaining health insurance questions

We work with community organizations and city agency partners to ensure that all New Yorkers receive the best support possible and what we like to call the "GetCovered" experience.

In addition to helping New Yorkers with the health insurance enrollment process, Specialists also provide a range of public health education services including: educating clients on health resources, explaining health insurance terminology and how to use insurance, connecting clients to a health resources and programs, and more.

GetCoveredNYC in the Field: Helping New Yorkers Find Coverage

Client SP was referred to GetCoveredNYC from a community partner, Queens Defenders. SP owned a small business and was forced to close due to the COVID-19 pandemic. SP had a Qualified Health Plan that she could not afford to pay anymore and eventually received notice that her coverage was ending. She tried to update her information on the NY State of Health Marketplace in order to get a new health insurance plan but still needed one-on-one support to find a plan that fit her budget. The GetCoveredNYC Specialist connected client SP with an NYC Health Department enrollment counselor, who was able to enroll SP in Medicaid that same day so her coverage began the first of the month without a lapse in coverage. SP has written back and expressed her deep gratitude for GetCoveredNYC's services, because if she had continued to update her insurance plan without assistance, she fears that she would have been dropped from coverage.

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