Board Agendas


DATE:    Tuesday, September 26, 2023

TIME:     6:00 PM

PLACE: Manhattan Borough President’s Office
             1 Centre Street, 19th Floor - Southside and Live Remote Meeting -

The public is welcome to attend in person or on webex 


“All meetings are recorded to the extent practicable and posted on our Youtube page as soon as possible. You may find the link here.”

 “If there are any relevant draft resolutions that will be considered at this meeting, they may be found here.”

Public Session (6:00 PM – 6:45 PM)

A) Comments by members of the public (1-2 minutes per speaker)

Registration to speak during the public session will open at 10 AM the same day and close at 5:45 PM.

Public Hearing (6:45 PM – 7:00 PM)

Topic: CB 1 Municipal Expense & Capital Budget Priorities and Request for FY 2025

Business Session

  1. Adoption of July 2023 minutes
  2. Updates from Elected Officials
  3. Presentation by Office of Cannabis Management - Pascale Bernard, Deputy Director of Intergovernmental Affairs & Phillip Rumsey, Manager of Intergovernmental Outreach  
  4. Chairperson’s Report – T. Meltzer 

Committee Reports

A) Executive Committee - T. Meltzer

  1. Open Meeting Law Updates and Requirements for CB Meetings and Attendance - Resolution
  2. Capital and Expense Budget Items for FY 2025 - Committee Recap - Report

B) Personnel Committee - E. Lewinsohn

  1. Vacant District Manager position – Resolution 

C) Environmental Protection Committee - A. Blank 

  1. Proposed Resiliency Features at Rotary Park (at the Holland Tunnel) - Resolution
  2. NW BPCA Reaches and Public Engagement - Resolution

D) Landmarks & Preservation Committee - J. Friedman

  1. Docket #23-09128 - 384 Broadway exterior work proposed for the commercial storefront levels and its Cortlandt Alley elevation - Resolution
  2. Docket # 23-11517 - 60 Hudson Street minor work in the lobby - Resolution 
  3. Docket #23-08497 - 45 Murray Street request for permission to repair our sidewalk in front of building - Resolution 

E) Transportation & Street Activity Permits Committee - B. Kay

  1. Bus Stop Request for Battery Place across from Washington Street - Resolution
  2. Thames Street Pedestrian Plaza project – Report 
  3. Potential Working Group to discuss Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety and Rules on Sidewalks and Streets – Report

F) Licensing & Permits Committee - S. Cole

Financial District area

  1. 120 Broadway, Great Performances/Artists as Waitresses, Inc, method of operation application for full liquor license - Resolution 
  2. New Amsterdam Pavilion, Peter Minuit Plaza, Belgo CRT LLC, new application and temporary retail permit for  wine, beer and cider license - Resolution 
  3. 185 Greenwich Street, Legends Hospitality, LLC, new application and temporary retail Permit for full liquor license - Resolution 
  4. 21 Dey Street, Legends Hospitality LLC, application for a liquor license and temporary retail permit for wine, beer and cider – Resolution
  5. 136 William Street, Koba Fidi Corp, new application and temporary retail permit for wine, beer and cider license – Resolution

Seaport/Civic Center area

  1. 1 Fulton Street, HHC Fulton Retail LLC, Snack Out | Bar Snack | The Lawn Club, application for alteration, for a full liquor license - Resolution 
  2. 127 John Street, Hey Thai Inc, class change application for liquor license - Resolution 
  3. 89 South Street, VB Pier 16 LLC, Cobblefish, method of operation change for full liquor license - Resolution 

Tribeca area

  1. 200 Church Street, Corp to be formed by Rafael Hasid, d/b/a Miriam, new application and temporary retail permit for a full liquor license - Resolution 
  2. 81 Warren Street, TAQ New York LLC, new application and temporary retail permit for full liquor license - Resolution 

G) Quality of Life & Delivery Services Committe - M. James 

  1. Borough Based Jails/Manhattan Detention Complex - Report
  2. DDC/Street Reconstruction Updates - Report
  3. Renovation of One Pace Plaza East - Report
  4. 9/11 Responder and Survivor Health - Update and report 

H) Youth & Education Committee - R. Chang

  1. Pedestrian concerns around PS 150 - Report

I)  Battery Park City Committee- J. Cuccia

  1. 2022 Annual Financial Report & 2023 Fiscal Updates - Report
  2. BPC Security Update – Report
  3. Programming, Construction and Event Updates - Report

J) Land Use, Zoning & Economic Development Committee - P. Kennell

  1. DCP City of Yes proposal, ZEO (Zoning for Economic Opportunity) Timeline Preview, Ezra Moser, DCP - Report
  2. Application by CP IV 15 Cliff Street, LLC, presentation by Paul Proulx to the Chairperson of the City Planning Commission, requesting certification pursuant to Section 37-73(c) of the Zoning Resolution to allow the existing open-air café, operated by Hole in the Wall, to continue in the Plaza as a permitted obstruction, Paul J. Proulx, Carter/Ledyard, Partner - Resolution
  3. Proposed Legislation to Toll Community Board Referral Periods Between August 1 - August 31 Each Year – Resolution

New Business

Old Business


All documents relating to the above agenda items are on file at the Community Board 1 office and are available for viewing by the public upon written request to

At all meetings, additional items may be raised as "New Business"