Contact Us

Contact Us

CB1 can be reached at:

1 Centre Street, Room 2202 North
New York, NY 10007
Tel: (212) 602-6300


Zach Bommer, District Manager
Lucy Mujica Diaz, Community Coordinator
Onedeige James, Community Associate 

CB1 is strongly committed to helping to improve the quality of life of residents in Lower Manhattan. If you are experiencing adverse impacts to your quality of life or have any complaints, please contact:

After you have contacted the above-mentioned agencies, please email your 311 reference number with your complaint description and information about any additional steps you may have taken to CB1 at so that we can assist you. The following are some additional steps that often prove very helpful:

  • Try to take photos, video or sound recordings for each complaint - be sure to use date/time references and email these to CB1.
  • Engage your neighbors and urge them to follow this reporting protocol. (Complaints from multiple people are far more effective than those from individuals)
  • Attend Police Precinct Council meetings. 1st Precinct Community Council meetings are generally held on the last Tuesday of every month at the Precinct at 16 Ericsson Place at 6:30 p.m.
  • Attend CB1 monthly and committee meetings. Please watch our agendas for items about matters of concern. All of our meetings are open to the public.