International Affairs Team

Dilip Chauhan, Deputy Commissioner for Trade, Investment and Innovation

Dilip Chauhan, Deputy Commissioner for Trade, Investment and Innovation

Dilip comes to the Mayor’s Office for International Affairs from the Brooklyn President’s office, where he served as the Executive Director of Southeast & Asian Affairs. As Executive Director, Dilip worked hard towards empowering the South and Asian Community in Brooklyn. He did this by increasing awareness for available resources provided by the government and under his leadership, he helped create a stronger relationship within this community and the Borough President’s Office.

Previously, was appointed as Deputy Controller of the Minority Affairs office in Nassau County, New York. He was the first South Asian to hold this office. While there, he worked on setting guidelines, and he was able to empower the Community for proper participation of MWBE businesses. Dilip contributed to this effort by arranging different boot camps for small businesses, which created community awareness and participation campaigns, and built lasting strategic partnerships with various community organizations.

Dilip Chauhan is the also Founding President of the New York South Asian American Chamber of Commerce. He was instrumental in building the organization and raising the representation of the South Asian community, estimated to be about seven million across USA, at a high-end business forum. The South Asian-eastern community makes up the fastest-growing ethnic group that is actively responsible in all walks of life and contributes significantly to our economy.

Dilip Chauhan has built unmatched goodwill amongst top public officials across New York for his "Gateway to South Asian American Community of New York”, presentation and as a result November 12, 2016 was declared as “Dilip Chauhan Day” in 6th US Congressional District New York in honor of his work. Dilip is a highly respected in the diplomatic corridors of South Asian countries. Dilip Chauhan also served as a Board member of Services Now for Adult Persons, Inc (SNAP) New York. Dilip Chauhan is a unique combination of a successful entrepreneur and a decorated public official with a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering.