Current Activities & Operations

Current Activities, Operations, and Accomplishments

As of June 30, 2023, the Hudson Yards Infrastructure Corporation (the "Corporation") has approximately $2.51 billion of bonds outstanding.  The Corporation issued its 2007A bonds in December 2006 and its 2012A bonds in October 2011 to finance certain property acquisition and infrastructure work in the approximately 45 square block area generally bounded by Seventh and Eighth Avenues on the east, West 43rd Street on the north, Eleventh and Twelfth Avenues on the west, and West 29th and 30th Streets on the south, in order to promote economic development in that area (the “Hudson Yards Financing District”, or “HYFD”). In May 2017, the Corporation refunded all of the 2007A issue and a portion of the 2012A issue. As a result of the refunding, the Corporation is able to remit surplus revenues to the City after funding annual debt service requirements and its annual operating costs. In October 2021, the Corporation refunded the remainder of the 2012A issue.

In August 2018, the City Council authorized an additional $500 million of new debt, supported by Interest Support Payments, to pay for the cost of expanding the Hudson Park & Boulevard within the HYFD. Given the additional borrowing capacity, in February 2019 the Corporation entered into a Term Loan Agreement that currently provides up to $380 million to finance additional infrastructure projects within the Hudson Yards Financing District. There have been cumulative loan draws of $10.6 million as of June 30, 2023.

During Fiscal Year 2023, the Corporation receipts totaled approximately $374 million, including $22 million of Payments in Lieu of Mortgage Recording Taxes, $3 million of District Improvement Bonuses, $155 million of Tax Equivalency Payments, $183 million of Payments in Lieu of Taxes and $11 million in interest earnings.  Additionally, during the year, the Corporation disbursed project costs of approximately $202 million for work related to the development of the district (the "Project").

The Corporation's operations consist of carrying out the requirements of its indenture, including collecting revenues, applying revenues to pay principal and interest on its bonds, disbursing bond proceeds to pay Project costs, and complying with annual continuing disclosure requirements and federal tax law in order to maintain the tax exemption of its bonds.