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Workforce Development and Sandy Recovery Workforce1 FAQ

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What is Sandy Recovery Workforce1?

Sandy Recovery Workforce1 is a workforce development program operated jointly by Build It Back and the NYC Dept. of Small Business Services ( New York City has allocated $3 million in CDBG-DR funding to the program, which will go towards operation of a new Sandy Recovery Workforce1 Career Center in Coney Island (1906 Mermaid Ave., 2nd Floor) as well as several hundred job training vouchers. The principal goal of the program is to speed economic recovery in Sandy-impacted neighborhoods by enabling Sandy-impacted residents to actively participate in recovery efforts through meaningful employment. CDBG-DR-funded staff will also be present at the Staten Island South Shore and Far Rockaway Workforce1 Centers to administer this program to residents of Staten Island and Queens.

For those who qualify, the new Sandy Recovery Workforce1 Career Center offers services including job referrals, employment skills training vouchers, and career counseling (resume editing, interview advice, etc.). Training vouchers fit one of two categories: (1) pre-apprenticeship construction skills programs with the possibility of direct entry into union apprenticeships, and (2) other skills training programs that are linked to the potential jobs with Build it Back and Sandy recovery efforts. For more information on these vouchers, visit the link above.

How can I enroll in the Sandy Recovery Workforce1 pipeline?

Visit for more information on this program, to sign up for job opportunity mailing lists, and to view scheduled recruitment events. You must make an appointment at the Sandy Recovery Workforce1 Center, Far Rockaway Workforce1 Center, or Staten Island South Shore Workforce1 Center to be fully enrolled.

What kinds of employment opportunities are available through Sandy Recovery Workforce1?

Sandy Recovery Workforce1 focuses primarily on employment directly connected with Sandy recovery efforts, such as construction, design and architecture, and case management. However, based on availability of recovery jobs, Sandy Recovery Workforce1 will also work with local businesses in Coney Island and the surrounding areas to provide more opportunities to clients.

I live too far from the Coney Island center – can I still receive Sandy Recovery Workforce1 services?

Yes – provided that you are a resident of the five boroughs and that you fit the eligibility requirements, you will soon be able to enroll for some Sandy Recovery Workforce1 services at the existing Far Rockaway and Staten Island South Shore Workforce1 Career Centers. Please visit the above link for more information.