Types of Visits

The City welcomes the public to visit Hart Island, pay their respects, and maintain vital connections to those that have passed away. The island can be accessed by scheduling either a public gazebo visit or a private gravesite visit. Visits to Hart Island are provided solely by the Department of Parks & Recreation and are free of charge to visitors.

Gravesite visits are reserved for those with close personal ties to a decedent, including family members, chosen family members, close friends, and partners. Gravesite visits are intended to provide an opportunity for loved ones to spend peaceful time at the final resting place of the decedent. Gazebo visits are currently suspended to limit the spread of Covid-19.

Gravesite Visits

For individuals wishing to visit the final resting place of a loved one, the City offers gravesite visits to Hart Island twice a month, on weekends. A visitor who requests a gravesite visit is permitted to be accompanied by up to four (4) additional guests. Anyone wishing to visit a gravesite with more than four (4) additional guests should indicate that when using the visit request form below. Gravesite visits are reserved for individuals with close ties to a specific decedent.

Gazebo Visits

In an effort to limit the spread of COVID-19, the City is not scheduling gazebo visits at this time.

Media Visits

Media visits are currently suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Scheduling and Preparation

Reservations to Visit Hart Island

Reservations to visit Hart Island may be scheduled by calling 212-360-3428, or by submitting a Visit Request Form online.

All visits must be scheduled at least five (5) business days in advance.  We do recommend submitting 2 weeks in advance due to the volume of incoming requests.

Availability for Gravesite Visits

Two (2) gravesite visit opportunities are available each scheduled day, one beginning at 10 a.m. and one beginning at 1 p.m. Each gravesite visit lasts approximately two (2) hours and can accommodate up to 35 visitors.

By submitting the visit request form for a gravesite visit, a requestor will affirm a close personal relationship with a decedent. Documentation of a requestor's relationship to the deceased is not required unless there is a reasonable basis for concluding that no relationship exists between the requestor and the deceased, in which case NYC Parks may require documentation if it has been unable to confirm the relationship through other credible means.

The names of all visitors and guests must be submitted in advance, when the reservation is requested.

2023 Visit Schedule

Saturday January 7, 2023
Sunday January 22, 2023
Saturday February 4, 2023
Sunday February 26, 2023
Saturday March 4, 2023
Sunday March 26, 2023
Saturday April 1, 2023
Sunday April 16, 2023
Saturday May 13, 2023
Sunday May 21, 2023
Sunday June 4, 2023
Saturday June 17, 2023
Saturday July 15, 2023
Sunday July 23, 2023
Saturday August 12, 2023
Sunday August 27, 2023
Saturday September 9, 2023
Sunday September 24, 2023
Saturday October 7, 2023
Sunday October 22, 2023
Saturday November 4, 2023
Sunday November 19, 2023
Saturday December 9, 2023
Sunday December 17, 2023

What to Expect on the Day of Your Visit

NYC Parks is committed to providing a safe and respectful visit experience and is following all recommended public health guidelines for the City of New York and requires that visitors do the same.

Upon arrival at the City Island dock, all visitors and guests are required to present valid photo identification, sign the Hart Island Visitor Book, and sign and submit a liability waiver All visitor and guest names must match with the names submitted on the reservation form. No unconfirmed visitors will be allowed to board the ferry to Hart Island.

City staff and visitors are recommended to wear appropriate face coverings and maintain safe social distance throughout the visit.

When visiting Hart Island, please consider any inclement weather conditions, especially during the summer and winter seasons, and dress appropriately. The island is accessed by a brief ferry ride from a dock on City Island, a bus will be provided on the island to access the gravesites. Urban Park Rangers will escort all groups and individuals to their designated visit sites, but will maintain a respectful distance in order to allow for a peaceful visit.

Visit Availability and Limitations

Visits will be scheduled for the requested date unless accommodation for a request is not feasible due to inclement weather, no availability on the date requested because maximum capacity has been reached, and any other factors beyond NYC Parks' control. In such cases, NYC Parks will make reasonable efforts to reschedule the visit for the next date requested.

If a deceased person's specific gravesite is either unidentifiable or inaccessible for reasons that cannot be remedied before the date of the visit, the requestor will be notified in advance of the visit and may be asked to reschedule. Alternatively, the requestor is permitted to visit an alternate gravesite or other location reasonably proximate to the requested gravesite.

Directions and Transportation

The ferry to Hart Island departs from a dock in City Island located at 299 Fordham Street, Bronx, NY 10464.

There is no parking on the City Island dock and parking near the dock is extremely limited. All visitors are strongly encouraged to take public transportation or carpool if possible. The Bx29 bus stops at the intersection City Island Ave and Fordham Street, which is a ten (10) minute walk to the dock. All visitors are reminded to follow local parking regulations.