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RFPs & Solicitations

RFPs & Solicitations

The Mayor's Fund frequently seeks the expertise of various organizations and individuals to provide a variety of services required by its ongoing initiatives with New York City agencies. Please monitor the list of initiatives below for opportunities to apply to work with the Mayor's Fund and City agencies on these important projects. Click the link associated with each project description to view the full Request for Proposals (RFPs), along with all instructions for submission. Prospective applicants should check this site regularly for updates to the projects and associated RFPs.

Assessing Child Care Needs of Families and Providers

Accessing Childcare Needs RFP
Answers to RFP Questions

The Mayor’s Fund in collaboration with ACS (the project lead agency) seeks a research partner to design and execute a study that will deepen NYC ACS’ understanding of (1) caregivers’ preferences and barriers to using ACS-issued low-income child care vouchers and (2) child care providers’ barriers to participating in the NYC’s voucher subsidy program. ACS and City partners will use the findings, recommendations, and considerations developed by the selected vendor to develop strategies to help reduce the number of children with vouchers that do not use them to enroll in care and to increase the number and type of providers that enroll to provide care to children with vouchers.