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FAQ About Reporting Corruption and Fraud


Q:To Whom Must You Report Corruption?

A:You must report all instances of corruption, criminality or conflict of interest to either the Department of Investigation or one of its Inspectors General.
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Q:What If My Agency Retaliates Against Me For Reporting Corruption?

A:No employee of a Mayoral agency may suffer job-related retaliation for reporting corruption, criminality or conflict of interest. However, in order to be protected by the City's Whistleblower Law, Administrative Code § 12-113, you must report the misconduct to the Department of Investigation, a City Council member, the Public Advocate, or the Comptroller. If a Mayoral agency employee suffers an adverse personnel action by his agency, in retaliation for having reported official corruption or criminality, he or she comes under the protection of the "Whistleblower Law."
Remember: The Whistleblower Law protects you against an adverse personnel action ONLY if you have already reported the wrong doing.
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Q:Am I Protected By The "Whistleblower Law" If I Report Corruption Only To My Agency?

A:No, you must report the wrongdoing to one of the four entities listed in the law (DOI, City Council, Public Advocate or Comptroller). By reporting your information to one of the listed entities, you are protecting yourself, while helping to ensure that your report is properly and discreetly handled by DOI's staff of professional investigators.