Medicaid Behavioral Health Services

The Medicaid Managed Care service system includes several behavioral health services, such as Health and Recovery Plans (HARPs). HARPs provide a variety of services for adults 21 and older who have serious mental illness and substance use disorders.

HARP Care Management

If you are a HARP beneficiary, you can access providers who specialize in behavioral health care.
You can also receive care coordination if you have one of the following conditions:

  • A serious mental illness
  • Two or more chronic physical health conditions
  • Sickle-cell disease

People with substance use disorders also must have another chronic condition in order to qualify for this service.

Health Home Care Managers can help beneficiaries with a range of services such as:

  • Finding a provider
  • Finding housing
  • Accessing public benefits
  • Accessing transportation for needed services

Community Oriented Recovery and Empowerment Services

Those enrolled in HARP may also be eligible to receive additional, specialized services called Community Oriented Recovery and Empowerment services. These services include person-centered, recovery-oriented, and mobile behavioral health supports that can give beneficiaries build skills and self-efficacy that promote and facilitate community participation and independence. These additional services include:

  • Community Psychiatric Support and Treatment (CPST)
  • Psychosocial Rehabilitation (PSR)
  • Family Support and Training (FST)
  • Empowerment Services – Peer Support

Home and Community Based Services

Those enrolled in HARP may also be eligible to receive additional, specialized services called Home and Community Based Services. These services can give beneficiaries the support that they need to live independently in their community. These additional services include:

  • Daily living and social skills
  • Employment and education support

Medicaid Managed Care Trainings

The Health Department offers free virtual trainings to people interested in learning more about Medicaid managed care and the behavioral health services covered by Medicaid, including Health Home care management, Health and Recovery Plans (HARP), Community Oriented Recovery and Empowerment (CORE) services, and Home-and Community-Based Services. This training will give you information on applying for Medicaid and how Medicaid consumers can access these services.

The trainings, called "Making Connections to Medicaid Behavioral Health Care", takes 60 to 90 minutes. For more information, email See below to register for upcoming dates:

The Health Department is also offering trainings for health care workers, including mental health and substance use providers, primary care providers, peer specialists, community health workers and care managers, to share information on how you can support your clients. See below to register for upcoming dates:

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