Diabetes & Children

City Health Information states some alarming findings: "In New York City (NYC), 43% of elementary school children are at an unhealthy weight; more than half of these children are obese." Being overweight puts children at risk for diabetes and other health problems that can affect them throughout their lives.

Help Your Child Stay Healthy

The following tips will help you help your child avoid diabetes and other
health problems.

8 Habits of Healthy Kids

  1. Spend at least 1 hour a day being physically active. [Español][中文]
  2. Limit use of TV and video games to no more than 1 hour a day.
  3. Eat smaller amounts. Bigger is not always better!
  4. Drink water instead of soda [Español][中文].
  5. Eat a total of 5 or more servings of fruits and vegetables a day.
  6. Eat less fast food (no more than once a week).
  7. Snack on healthy foods and eat less junk food and sweets.
  8. Switch to low-fat (1% or less) dairy products.

PDF version of 8 Habits of Healthy Kids

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