Consumer Affairs

The NYC Health Department's Office of Consumer Affairs responds directly to consumers needs in three distinct disability areas: mental health, developmental disabilities and chemical dependency. We ensure that consumer and family perspectives are heard and integrated at all levels of the Health Department and empower consumers through education and exposure to resources.


Recovery as it applies to people with psychiatric disabilities, “is a process, sometimes lifelong, through which a consumer achieves independence, self-esteem and a meaningful life in the community".

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We welcome your inquiries and comments. If you have questions or requests for further information, please contact us by telephone at (347) 396-7194 or by email at:

Call 988
988 is a free, confidential help line for New York City residents. You can call 24 hours per day/7 days a week. The staff of trained mental health professionals help callers find mental health and substance abuse services.

More Resources

New York City Network of Care: Search New York City's comprehensive online directory to find services related to mental and behavioral health, addiction, advocacy, support, housing, and more. You can find programs or facilities in the five boroughs.