Animal Abuse Registry

In 2014, the New York City Council passed the Animal Abuse Registration Act. This act requires any adult convicted of an animal abuse crime after October 2, 2014 and residing in New York City to contact the New York City Health Department to be added to the Animal Abuse Registry. Anyone required to register is prohibited from owning, possessing, residing with, having custody of, or intentionally engaging in any physical contact with any animal. The registration period lasts for five years after sentencing or, if incarcerated, for five years after release from incarceration.

Information for People Required to Register

Those required to register should call 311 and ask about the Animal Abuse Registry or email The Health Department will schedule a telephone intake session and an appointment for in-person registration, as required by the Act.

Information for Animal-Related Businesses and Organizations

Employees of certain animal-related businesses and organizations are required to check the registry and refuse to sell or transfer ownership of an animal to anyone listed there. Animal-related businesses covered under the act are:

  • Animal Control Officers working in New York City
  • Animal rescue groups operating in New York City
  • Animal shelters located in New York City
  • Dog and/or cat protective associations incorporated in New York State
  • Humane societies incorporated in New York State
  • Pet shops located in New York City
  • Societies for the prevention of cruelty to animals incorporated in New York State
  • Veterinarians working in New York City.

To access the Registry, click on the button below. Registration is required. All groups required by law to check the registry must do so before they transfer any animal to an individual either by sale or adoption.


Animal Abuse Registration Act Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)
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To report animal abuse, call 311.