HIV Care Coordination

The New York City Health Department has launched its Ryan White Care Coordination program. Care coordination provides an expanded form of HIV medical case management, including:

  • Ensuring that people living with HIV infection are linked to care in a timely manner.
  • Developing a patient-centered care plan that emphasizes continuous adherence to care and antiretroviral treatment.
  • Assisting patients in obtaining needed social services, including accompanying patients to appointments if necessary, and maintaining patients in care via navigation of medical and social services.
  • Using care coordinators to assist patients with accessing HIV care, communicating with providers, and finding needed resources. (Bradford et al.)
  • Coaching (a form of active health promotion and counseling) patients to become self-sufficient so that they can manage their medical and social
    needs autonomously.

See Care Coordination Tools

For more information on where care coordination services are provided, contact the NYC Health Department's Bureau of HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control Care, Treatment and Housing Program at or visit the directory at Ryan White Part A Service Directory.