DOC Summer 2022 Heat Action Plan


In anticipation of the hot weather, our Facility Maintenance and Repair Division has worked to ensure that air conditioners, ice machines, and cool showers are in good working order.

In the summer, all persons in custody are afforded both shorts and t-shirts. As of an audit conducted in May 2022, the Department had 25,854 short sleeve t-shirts and 19,632 shorts in its inventory, and an additional 14,517 short sleeve t-shirts and 6,000 shorts are expected to be available by the end of June with recurring deliveries throughout the summer. Summer clothes have started being distributed the week of May 24, 2022.

Departmental staff are also encouraged to wear their summer uniforms, consisting of short sleeve shirts, in the warmer months to help them stay cool while in the jail facilities.

At least two industrial sized fans are provided in non-air-conditioned housing units. These fans ensure air continues to circulate throughout the housing area. In addition to the fans facilities already have in their possession, the Department currently has 73 pedestal fans in its storehouse with an additional 287 pedestal fans arriving by the end of June. Ice is delivered to housing units regularly during the hottest hours of the day, and every 2 hours to individuals in restrictive housing that does not have air-conditioning. Facilities began bagging and storing ice in May 2022 to prepare for the coming hot weather.