DOC Extreme Heat Protocol

July, 27, 2019

  • The Department is adhering to the following extreme heat protocol, which is followed when outside temperatures exceed 85 degrees and internal temperatures exceed 80 degrees.
  • The Department maintains regular contact with Correctional Health Services (CHS), the healthcare provider for the city's jails, to monitor individuals who express heat-related concerns or have been determined to need a higher level of attention or care. Detainees are designed as "heat sensitive" by CHS; any treatment and assessment is provided by CHS through Health & Hospitals Corporation (H+H), and DOC Health Affairs confers with CHS to determine if additional medical monitoring is needed.
  • CHS clinics are open 24/7 to evaluate patients who are experiencing heat related symptoms or wish to clarify their heat sensitive status
  • The Department encourages cool showers and plenty of fluids. Individuals have frequent access to multiple cool showers and ice is provided in each housing area that is not air conditioned. The Department will continue to monitor that ice is regularly distributed to housing units. Each housing area that is not air conditioned is provided with fans. We have been installing fans prior to last week's heatwave and continue to do so.
  • Any detainee experiencing difficulties or who requests to be seen by medical staff, regardless of whether or not they are in a non-air conditioned or air conditioned housing area, is referred to CHS.
  • In case of brownout or blackout conditions, each DOC facility has back-up generators to provide temporary electrical service.
  • NOTE: The Department has made considerable efforts to ensure that anyone who wants summer clothes has them. Shorts and short sleeve shirt distribution started at the beginning of June, and the Department has since distributed thousands of additional shorts and short sleeve shirts to help those in our custody stay comfortable during the hot weather.