DOC Statement on Departmental Vehicle Use

DOC spokesperson Peter Thorne: "It is clear that over many years certain practices at DOC with regard to vehicle use did not correctly reflect City policy. The Commissioner followed what he understood to be agency policy as it pertained to agency heads, but when he learned of this issue, he sought clarification from the City Conflict of Interest Board. While the COIB has not yet provided formal guidance, the Department is immediately taking action to implement key parts of the City’s efforts to strengthen internal compliance. First of all, the Commissioner will be reimbursing the City for his personal use of a department vehicle for out-of-town travel. Furthermore, the Department will clarify department policy to align with City rules, designate an internal Department Vehicle Use Compliance auditor, conduct an audit as recommended by the Department of Investigation, and act on the results of that audit. Finally, we will work with DCAS to put in place operational tools to make sure there are no future deviations from City policy."