Communication & Engagement

Communication & Engagement

  • Publicly available materials: At the request of the NYC Board of Correction, DOC and CHS have begun providing key data related to the novel coronavirus inside city jails. This data can be found here. DOC and CHS leadership and staff presented their plans for COVID-19 and responded to questions from NYC Board members at the March 10, 2020 Board of Correction public meeting. The presentation used at this meeting can be found here and the full video of the meeting, including the Department's COVID-19 presentation and Q&A, can be found here.

  • Materials within our facilities: DOC has made every effort to keep our dedicated workforce engaged and aware about COVID-19 related changes daily at roll call and departmental teletypes. We have also posted informational posters in facilities, visitors areas and court commands. These materials include advice on basic health guidance and precautions. DOC is also displaying rotating PSA images on TVs in facilities, DOC headquarters, and on the internal intranet.

  • Keeping people in custody safe and informed: DOC is also regularly communicating with the population in custody with guidance and relevant updates to protocols directly from facility staff in the housing areas.

  • Keeping staff safe and informed: DOC personnel are reminded daily to stay home if they are feeling sick or meeting any of the high or medium risk categories as defined by the CDC guidelines. Staff are provided with the most up-to-date public health guideance regarding risk categories, how to monitor for symptoms, and what to do when ill as information changes over time.

    • Any staff member who shows up to work with a fever or new cough, sore throat or shortness of breath will be sent home and advised to contact their primary care provider.

    • All staff must notify and report to the Health Management Division (HMD) if they have a confirmed case of COVID-19 or confirmed exposure to someone with a confirmed case of COVID-19.

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