Title 57

Rules of the City of New York
Title 57
Art Commission

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§1-01 Commission Meetings. Regular meetings of the Art Commission shall be held at least once each month, as determined by the Commission and Executive Director. Notice of the meetings shall be posted on the Commission's Web site, and in accordance with the New York State Open Meetings Law, (Article 7 of the NYS Public Officers Law), and shall be made available upon request. Special meetings may be called by the President or Executive Director at any time, and may also be called upon request of three (3) or more members of the Commission.

§1-02 Notice of Commission Meetings to Members. Written notice of all regular meetings shall be sent to members of the Commission no later than December 31st of the prior year. Notice of special meetings shall be given as long in advance as the President or Executive Director may find practicable.

§1-03 Quorum. Six Commissioners shall constitute a quorum.

§1-04 Calendar of Submissions. The calendar of submissions shall be closed three weeks in advance of the monthly meeting date, as indicated by the Submission Deadline on the Art Commission Calendar. If there is an excusable delay for a particular submission, the Executive Director may place the submission on the calendar up to one week before the regular meeting date. Submissions may be referred to a committee appointed by the Executive Director. No submission shall be acted on that is not included in the calendar. The calendar of submissions shall be posted on the Commission's Web site, forwarded to the members of the City Council and be available upon request, at least three (3) days before the meeting date.

§1-05 Review of Pending Submissions by a Special Committee. Regular committee meetings shall be held, as determined by the Commission and the Executive Director, to informally review pending submissions. In such cases, the committee may request revisions for review from the applicant and/or recommend action to be taken on the pending submission by the full Commission. The Commission will publish notices of regular committee meetings on the Commission's Web site, and in accordance with the New York State Open Meetings Law (Article 7 of the NYS Public Officers Law). The notices will also be made available upon request.

§1-06 Referral of Matters Presented Between Meetings to a Committee. Any matter presented between meetings may be referred by the President or Executive Director to a committee.

§1-07 Submission of Matters for Approval. Every matter required by Chapter 37 of the City Charter to be submitted to the Art Commission shall be presented first for approval as described in the Art Commission Submission Guidelines. The Commission in its discretion may give higher levels of approval than that which has been requested to any matter submitted. Every matter shall be submitted on the Application Form, and include such materials as described in the Submission Guidelines. The Submission Guidelines and Application Form are available on the Commission's Website and made available upon request.

§1-08 Additional Materials Required. For every submission, the Executive Director shall decide whether the materials submitted are sufficient and the Commission may subsequently require additional materials. The Executive Director shall procure or provide such additional matter as deemed necessary for review and certification of the Commission's action.

§1-09 Records Kept in the Office of the Commission. The original of every letter, communication, document, photograph, plan, sketch, print, etc., contained in or appended to an official submission to the Commission, shall be kept in the office of the Commission. When it is necessary to duplicate or lend such materials, any sketch, plan, or other document may be removed for such purpose with the approval of the Executive Director.

§1-10 Records of Submissions and Certificates. For every matter submitted to the Commission for approval, the Commission shall retain the original submission (including one set of plans and other materials) and a copy of the certificate that records the Commission's action. The Commission certifies such action by returning to the applicant a duplicate set of submitted materials, if a duplicate set is provided, and a copy of the certificate. If materials are not picked up within 30 days, they may be disposed of at the Executive Director's discretion.

§1-11 Preparation and Transmission of Certificates. The certificates documenting the action taken by the Commission at each meeting shall be prepared by the Executive Director, and sent to the applicant.

§1-12 Notice of Meetings to City Officials Having Jurisdiction. In each case where the matter submitted comes within the jurisdiction of the head of a city agency, notice shall be given to such official or his or her designee, so that he or she may attend the meeting at the time of consideration.

§1-13 Approval of Official Having Jurisdiction. No submission shall be approved by the Art Commission unless the Application Form shall have been signed by the head of the agency, corporation, or person having jurisdiction and official charge of the matter, or the person designated or authorized by any of these.

§1-14 Certification for Final Payment. A request from any agency for certification for final payment by the Commission under Chapter 37 of the City Charter should be made only after the conditions prescribed in the certificate of approval are complied with, and such request shall be made in writing accompanied by a comprehensive photographic documentation, consisting of three (3) 8" x 10" archival-quality color photographs completed project for which the certificate is desired. Any certification of a project for final payment shall be first approved in writing by the Executive Director or President of the Commission.

§1-15 Amendment of Rules. A motion to amend these Rules may be voted on at any regular meeting of the Commission only after the Executive Director has sent a copy of the proposed amendment to each Commissioner prior to the meeting of the Commission. An amendment may be passed by a simple majority vote, and shall then be promulgated in accordance with the Citywide Administrative Procedures Act.