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July 17, 2017

NYC Department of Design and Construction (DDC) High School Interns Participate in an Interview Skills Workshop

On July 17, 2017, the NYC Department of Design and Construction High School interns participated in an Interview Skills workshop.  DDC STEAM Initiatives Program Coordinators Teresa Ye and Tatiana Vargas led the workshop to prepare students for future interviews in both the educational and professional realms.

The High School interns were divided into four working groups where they participated in mock interviews led by DDC College Aide Suellen Fonseca and Summer College Interns Oluwatosin Sanusi, Joyce Chan and Meraj Choudhury. While each High School intern practiced interviewing, group peers observed and evaluated body language and responses.

Once interviews were completed, interns shared their observations regarding the different qualities they perceived were essential for a successful interview, for example, concise and knowledgeable responses, honesty, a firm handshakes eye contact, a calm demeanor, and a degree of charisma and charm. 

 Winifred (Winnie) Corton, DDC Human Resources Senior Recruitment Analyst also participated in the workshop sharing wisdom she has gained from her experience as an interviewer, and shared valuable advice. Specifically, she noted the importance of preparation for interviews by reviewing the job description and preparing appropriate and job related questions that demonstrate to an interviewer that the candidate has done their homework, always checking the organization’s website and joining the student level of professional organizations for additional networking and career opportunities.

The High School interns reflected on ways to improve their body language, avoid run-on sentences, and prepare thorough answers for interview questions. Students left the workshop with more confidence in their interview skills, and in their ability to complete a successful interview.

High School Interns
NYC DDC High School Interns learn about qualities of a successful interview.