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March 1st, 2017

DDC Represented at PS 154’s City Worker Day

On March 1st, 2017, New York City Department of Design and Construction Program Director Judy Bernard, a landscape architect in the Public Buildings Division, presented to the 2nd grade class of PS 154 in Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn. Judy explained how she helps to design and construct NYC Court Houses and answered many questions about how NYC was planned and how buildings in the city are constructed.

The students, all second graders, were participating in PS 154’s City Worker Day, an annual day dedicated to students learning about how the city operates. It is an opportunity to expose students to the broad variety of careers and professions in NYC government. The 2nd grade social studies curriculum at PS 154 is dedicated to learning all about NYC.  Students learn about landforms, the early Dutch settlers, and the many landmark buildings and civic structures in each borough.  They also learn about how the city functions and about the workers whose jobs it is to build and maintain the city.  Each worker spoke about their job responsibilities and what they do on a daily basis. The children went around the room interviewing the workers and asking very insightful questions.

Judy was joined by other city employees, including but not limited to representatives from the NY Fire Department who were represented by a Fire Fighter, an Emergency Medical Technician, an agency Attorney and a Battalion Chief. The NYC Police Department was represented by a very popular k-9 dog and her Police Officer partner, as well as representatives from the Mounted Police Unit. Also present were representatives from the NYC Department of Transportation, the Parks Department Forestry Unit, the Mayor’s Office, a sitting judge, a court officer, representatives from the NYC Department of Corrections, a CUNY English Professor and the PS 154 school nurse and principal representing the NYC Department of Education. 

Judy wore her personal protection equipment and spoke to students about the importance of safety gear such as hard hat, reflective vest, safety goggles, and steel toed boots for built environment professionals. She also showed students an example of Manhattan schist, more commonly known as bedrock and showed them images of a variety of court houses around the city. 

At the end, as a ‘thank you,’ the students sang a spirited song to the tune of We Built this City by Starship with the words changed to You Built This City with Sweat and Work.  

NYC City Employees introduce themselves to PS 154 students.
DDC Program Director Judy Bernard shares some of her experiences as a landscape architect for NYC.
Students ask City Workers about their jobs.
Students sang a spirited song to the tune of We Built this City by Starship.