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November 20, 2016


Town+Gown Research Review and Open House: Practitioners and Academics Meet and Greet

In collaboration with the Town+Gown Academic Consortium’s Gown Advisory Council

At this semi-regular “capstone” meeting of the Town+Gown community, those who attended heard presentations from student researchers on two completed Town+Gown experiential learning projects—Life-cycle Cost Analysis and Green Infrastructure in New York City (Columbia/SIPA 2013-2014) and Predicting the Effect of New York City Capital Projects on Nearby Property Sales Prices (Columbia/DIPA 2014-2015).  There was a presentation on the mechanics of the newly registered City-wide master academic consortium contract for funded academic research, and the rest of the meeting involved academics and practitioners breaking into groups to further discuss potential projects, followed by a discussion of a mechanism for post-event collaborations during the academic year.

The members of the Town+Gown Academic Consortium are: