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Personnel Services Bulletins

Table of Contents

General Personnel Administration Rules and Laws

PSB No. Subject
100-1 Non-Competitive Positions for Mentally and Physically Disabled
100-2R Classification of Titles and Positions
100-3R Prohibition of Out-of-Title Work
100-4 Fingerprint Policy and Fees
100-5R3 Transfer and Change of Title
100-6 Constitutional Oath of Office
100-7 Physically Taxing Positions
100-8 Residence Requirements
100-9 Examination Application Fees and Processing Fees
100-10R Medical and Psychological Disqualifications
100-11 Model Agency Arrest/Conviction Reporting Policy
100-12 Selective Certification of Civil Service Eligible Lists
100-13 Consideration of Criminal Convictions and Arrests in Employment
100-14 Promotion by Non-Competitive Examination
100-15 Drug Screening of Applicants for and Appointees to Titles in the Classified Service of the City
100-16 Workplace Domestic and Gender-Based Violence Policy

Employee and Eligible List Status Actions

Appointments, Promotions, Separations and Retirements

PSB No. Subject
200-1 Recoupment of Severance Pay
200-2 Qualifying English Oral Tests
200-3 Late Filing for Promotion Exams
200-4 Termination of AWOL Employees
200-5 Dual Employment
200-6 Probationary Period
200-7 Notice to Candidates of Non-Selection and Ineligibility
200-8 Retirement and Social Security Law Section 211 Waiver Requests
200-9 Posting of Vacant Positions (Withdrawn 5/2022)
200-10 Rights to Former Positions for Probationary Employees
200-11 Credit Toward Probationary Period for Continuous Provisional or Temporary Service in the Same Title and Job Assignment
200-12 Managing Vacant Positions

Compensation and Pay Regulations and Procedures

PSB No. Subject
310 Career and Salary Plan (Rule XI) Employees
320 Managerial Employees
320-2 Guidelines for Reassignments of Civilian Managers
330 All Employees
330-1 Payroll Actions when Moving Between Agencies

Time and Leave Regulations and Procedures

PSB No. Subject
410 Career and Salary Plan (Rule XI) Employees
410-1R Lateness Policy
410-2 Sick Leave in Citywide Emergencies
410-3 Dedicated Sick Leave Program for Employees in Titles Eligible for Collective Bargaining in Mayoral Agencies
420 Managerial and Original Jurisdiction Employees
420-1 Authorized Leave for Managers for Exemplary Performance
420-2 Salary Continuation Program
420-3 Carryover of Annual Leave for Managers
420-4 Managerial Lump Sum Payments
420-5 Paid Parental Leave for Managers and Original Jurisdiction Employees
430 Other Employees
430-1 Leave Regulations for Other Than Full-Time Per Annum Employees
430-2 Leave Regulations for Other Non-Full-Time Per Annum Employees
440 All Employees
440-1.2 Time Leave During Major Transportation Work Stoppage
440-2 Paid Holidays
440-3 Time Allowance for Voting
440-4 Time Off for Religious Observance
440-5 Time Off to Donate Blood
440-6 Leave for Exams
440-7 Leave for Parades
440-8R Guidelines on the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993
440-9R2 Leaves of Absence with Pay Granted to Veterans and Certain Civilians for the Observance of Memorial Day,Veterans Day and July 4
440-10 Jury Duty for City Employees
440-11R Leaves of Absence for Military Duty
440-12 Leave to Attend a Breast Cancer Risk Reduction Workshop (Withdrawn 09/2016)
440-13 Leave to Express Breastmilk
440-14 Time and Leave Policy in the Event of a City-wide Emergency (Withdrawn 01/2015)
440-15 Leave to Undertake Cancer Screenings
440-16 Paid Family Leave Benefits for Represented Employees
440-17 Unlimited Paid Sick Leave for 9-11 Related Illnesses

500 Employee Evaluations, Discipline, Motivation and Development

PSB No. Subject
500-1 Right to View Evaluatory Material
500-2 Appeal Process for Managers
500-3 Recognition of Employees Donating Eight Pints of Blood
500-4 Employee's Incapacity to Perform Job Duties Because of Medical, Mental or Physical Disability (To be issued at a later date.)
500-5R New York City Safety Program: Citywide Occupational Safety and Health Advisory Council
500-6R Agency Health and Safety Labor Management Committees: Procedures for Establishment and Operation
500-7R Mayor's Executive Order on Citywide Occupational Safety and Health Program
500-8R Safety Inspection Program and Accident Investigation
500-9R Developing Safety Training Programs

600 Policies and Procedures for Specific Instances

PSB No. Subject
600-1 Review of Claims for Excused Absences due to January 7, 1996 Snowstorm
600-2 Review of Claims for Excuse of Absences Due to Transportation Difficulties Arising from the January 26-27, 2011 Snowstorm
600-3 Temporary Citywide Telework Policy for City Employees During the COVID-19 Outbreak (Withdrawn 9/2021)
600-4 Temporary Citywide Policy for Vaccination of City Employees against SARS-CoV-2
600-5 Diversifying NYPD Senior Leadership