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Summer Internship Program (SIP)

The City of New York offers many internship opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students.

Welcome Letter

Eligibility and Application Process

City Government Internships

City government internships allow students to make important contributions to the City while participating in a challenging and rewarding work experience.

Criteria for Participation

To participate in the summer internship opportunities in City agencies, graduate students must currently be enrolled or accepted into a graduate program and undergraduate students must currently be enrolled or accepted into a college or university. Graduated students need to have graduated within one year of the current spring semester.

Application Process

Please refer to the Eligibility and Application Process page on how to apply directly to the participating agencies.

Participating Agencies

In Spring 2021 the complete list of Participating Agencies and available internship opportunities for Summer 2021 will be made available.

Additional Internship Opportunities through Public Service Corps

Public Service Corps (PSC) is an off-campus internship placement program administered by the Department of Citywide Administrative Services. Summer and academic year internships are available to college, graduate and law students who receive Federal Work-Study Program financial aid or who seek credit-bearing internships.