CEC Staff

Huma Khan

Huma Khan is serving as a Participatory Budgeting Borough Coordinator for Queens with the NYC Civic Engagement Commission. Huma has diverse experience is communal rehabilitation with emphasis on post covid efforts by the city; providing resources and knowledge base to not only ensure timely recovery but also a continuous presence to inject further sustained growth. Prior to this assignment, she was a project manager at non-profit establishment and working with the NYC CEC on Taskforce on Racial Inclusion & Equity, working towards social equity and empowerment for communities with limited access to public resources. Education from Pakistan, coupled with vocational and project management training in the US; she understands pivoting the cultural factors and utilize them to advance the overall communal upliftment in various strata of the society. She is seasoned in filling gaps within the community and providing building blocks with allocative efficiency, to make the most from the resources.