Meet The Team

Meet the Team

Fred Kreizman, Commissioner

Jessica Schabowski, Chief of Staff

Valerie Vazquez, First Deputy Commissioner

Anthony Iuliano, Deputy Commissioner of Operations

Peter Koo, Deputy Commissioner

David Louis, Deputy Commissioner

Lamona Worrell, Assistant Commissioner and Senior Community Advisor

Christian Williams, Assistant Commissioner

Pastor Gil Monrose, Executive Director of the Office of Faith-Based and Community Partnerships

Alexandra Silver, Director of the Mayor's Office of Animal Welfare

Rey Carrero, Director of Quality of Life

Andrew Kunkes, Director of Emergency Relief and Recovery

Malcolm McDaniel, Director of Constituent Services

Alina Dowe, Bronx Borough Director

Leonardo Coello, Bronx Borough Director

Tiffany Brown, Manhattan Borough Director

Robin Forst, Manhattan Borough Director

Megan Minyi Yuan, Queens Borough Director

Kevin Morris, Queens Borough Director

Hercules Reid, Brooklyn Borough Director

Anastasia Yaskova, Brooklyn Borough Director

Ed Jackson, Staten Island Borough Director