HireNYC: The Public Assistance Hiring Commitment

Organizations that enter into contracts with the City Of New York are required to hire one Public Assistance (PA) recipient for every $250,000 of annualized contract value. The HRA Business Link office monitors and facilitates the compliance of HRA, ACS, DHS, DOHMH, DYCD, DFTA and SBS contractors with this requirement. Hires may be made anywhere within the contractors' organization and/or through its subcontractors. In order for a new hire to count toward an organization's PA hiring requirement that hire must be:

  • In receipt of Public Assistance (PA) on the date of hire
  • Paid at least the legally mandated minimum wage
  • Working a minimum of 20 hours per week
  • Retained in employment for at least one (1) full year. If a hire does not remain employed for one year, the organization may hire and retain another PA Recipient for the remainder of the year in order to be credited for making one (1) qualifying hire.

We're Here To Help

  • HRA Business Link can help you fulfill your requirement. Not only can we refer quality candidates, those candidates are guaranteed to count toward your organization's requirement. Our services are free and you are never required to hire someone just because we referred them to you. Over the past 20 years, we have successfully matched thousands of job seekers to the staffing needs of hundreds of satisfied employers of every type.
  • Your organization may find it intrusive to ask a prospective hire if s/he is a PA recipient. Business Link can do this for you. As a unit of HRA, we have access to that information (See Hire Sheet below under Forms & Other Information).
  • Still have questions? See FAQs below under Forms & Other Information.
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HireNYC: Human Services Manual and Forms