2020 Meetings

June 13, 2017

Time: 9:00 AM
Location: 125 Worth Street, Second Floor Auditorium

Materials Posted Prior to Meeting:

Materials Posted After Meeting:

  • Video
  • Minutes
  • DOC Presentation on the Young Adult Plan
  • Background on PREA Investigations
  • Record of Variance Action (1-05(b) and 1-08(f)) (Secure Unit)
    • During the June 13, 2017 public meeting, upon being advised of a potential building evacuation, Acting Chair Derrick Cephas called a recess. People attending the public meeting evacuated 125 Worth Street, New York, NY where the meeting was being held. Not knowing if or when people would be allowed back in the building, Acting Chair Cephas reconvened the meeting outside the building. At that time, five Board members, including Acting Chair Cephas, unanimously voted to extend the variance with conditions re the Secure Unit — that the Board had approved at its May 9, 2017 meeting, and which is due to expire on June 15, 2017 — to July 11, 2017, the date of the next public meeting.