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Assigned Counsel Plan

News and Announcements

New Case Management System

The Assigned Counsel Plan’s new Case Management and Vouchering System, better known as ACP CASES, will “go live” on August 2, 2023, at 9:00 a.m. The new system will help the Assigned Counsel Plan Team better understand the work being done by the panel members in representing their clients charged with criminal offenses in the courts of the City of New York. It will also streamline the process for voucher submission and approval so that panel members can be paid expeditiously for their work.

UPDATE: There is currently a delay in migrating vouchers created in the old system to ACP CASES. Therefore, those vouchers are temporarily unavailable for processing. No vouchers have been lost or destroyed. This delay has not affected processing vouchers created in the new system (on and after August 2). Attorneys are encouraged to submit new vouchers promptly. We appreciate your patience as the system rollout is completed.

New Compensation Rate for Assigned Counsel Panel Attorney Effective April 1, 2023

Assigned Counsel Plan attorneys are now compensated at the rate of $158.00 per hour for their representation of clients on any type of criminal case. 

New Panel Attorneys Sought for the Criminal Defense Panels

The Assigned Counsel Plan is currently seeking new panel attorneys for the Misdemeanor, Felony, Homicide, and Criminal Appeals panels.  Please visit our “About” page for more information on how to apply for panel membership in either the First Department (the Bronx and Manhattan) or the Second Department (Kings, Queens and Richmond counties.)